DIY Recipe for Thai Herbal Poultice

The Thai Herbal Poultice is a DIY treatment that is designed to help draw out infection and speed up healing. An old-time Thai remedy that is still used today, the Six Senses Thai Herbal Poultice, offered in Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives, increases blood flow and circulation, relaxes tense muscles, and alleviates pain and inflammations when applied directly onto the skin.

As temperatures continue to fluctuate following the polar-vortex, making your own herbal poultice is a great way to fight off the common cold, the flu, and viruses. The skin, our body’s largest organ and one of the first lines of defense against disease, quickly absorbs the herbs’ medicinal benefits for instant relief of stress, aches, and pains.

All ingredients are found on the islands of the Maldives, as well as in many of our supermarkets and pantries!

Six Senses Thai Herbal Poultice Recipe


• Fresh or dried herbs including Kaffir Lime, Galangal, and Lemongrass. Before making your poultice with other herbs, be sure to research their properties to ensure they aren’t irritants.

• Yarn/Thread

• White Cloth

• Bowl for mixing


· Put 1 cup of each herb in a bowl and mix it well.

· Take a large handful of the herbal mixture and place it into the center of your cloth, making a firm bundle (no bigger than a tennis ball in size).

· Tie the top with yarn or thread to create a handle for your poultice, keeping it tight so it will not become loose when in use.

· Using a steamer or a hot pot, boil water and drop in the poultices until steamed about 30-45 minutes.

· For application, first check the heat of poultice on the inner forearm. Once the temperature is to your liking, place with pressure on the body on areas that are tense and or painful up to 30 minutes.

· Use your Thai Herbal Poultice up to 4-5 times each before making a new one!
  1. this makes me think of what they used during the plague. they loved poultices! this sounds really interesting, as i've never used one before. i gotta try it out!