Kaylaan: Zero Waste Toothpaste Tablets

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Kaylaan is a revolutionary product that is changing the way we think about oral hygiene. These zero waste toothpaste tablets are a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste, and they come in a variety of delicious flavors that will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

                             Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Kaylaan Toothpaste Tablets

One of the biggest advantages of Kaylaan toothpaste tablets is that they are a zero waste product. Traditional toothpaste tubes are made of plastic and are not biodegradable, which means they can take hundreds of years to break down in a landfill. In contrast, Kaylaan toothpaste tablets are packaged in a glass jar with a metal lid that can be recycled or reused. The tablets themselves are made from natural ingredients that are gentle on your teeth and gums, and they are completely biodegradable, making them a much more sustainable option for oral hygiene.

                                     Flavors that Leave You Feeling Refreshed

Kaylaan toothpaste tablets come in four different flavors: mint, cinnamon, blueberry, and neem. Each flavor is carefully crafted to provide a unique and refreshing experience for your mouth. The mint flavor is perfect for those who love the classic taste of traditional toothpaste, while the cinnamon flavor adds a warm and spicy twist to your oral hygiene routine. The blueberry flavor is sweet and fruity, and the neem flavor is a more unconventional option that is perfect for those who like to try new things. Regardless of which flavor you choose, you can be sure that your mouth will feel fresh and clean after each use.

                                                                            Easy to Use

Using Kaylaan toothpaste tablets is incredibly easy. Simply place a tablet in your mouth, chew it up, and then brush your teeth as you normally would. The tablets create a rich and foamy lather, which helps to clean your teeth and freshen your breath. Because the tablets are small and compact, they are perfect for travel or for use on the go. You don't have to worry about TSA restrictions or spills in your luggage when you pack Kaylaan toothpaste tablets in your carry-on.

                          Affordable and Convenient

Kaylaan toothpaste tablets are an affordable and convenient option for oral hygiene. The tablets come in a glass jar with a metal lid that can be reused or recycled, so you don't have to worry about buying a new tube of toothpaste every few weeks. Each jar contains 60 tablets, which is enough for two months of brushing if you use two tablets per day. The compact size of the tablets makes them easy to store in your bathroom. They take up far less space than a traditional tube of toothpaste.

                          Final Thoughts

Overall, Kaylaan toothpaste tablets are a game-changer in the world of oral hygiene. They offer a more sustainable and eco-friendly option for those who are looking to reduce their environmental impact. They also come in a variety of delicious flavors that will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Using these tablets is easy, convenient, and affordable. They're a great choice for anyone who is looking to switch to a more eco-conscious lifestyle. If you're looking for a way to improve your oral hygiene routine while also doing your part for the planet, Kaylaan toothpaste tablets are definitely worth trying!

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Kind.est x Dr. Nigma Serum

Our skin is constantly bombarded with oxidizers and toxins, including pollution in the air. Other things that don’t help are product build-up, whether it’s skincare or make-up; natural factors such as the sun and wind, stress, anxiety, and bacteria hidden within our pores. All of these can contribute to premature aging. Staying active, increasing water intake, wearing sunscreen, having a good night’s sleep, and finding strategies to handle stress and anxiety during difficult times can help prevent and counteract the indications of premature aging. Sticking to a skincare regimen can also help! This may seem like the advice you’ve heard a million times before, but each step adds up to skin that looks and feels great!

Serums are one of the best ways to improve our skincare regimen by supplying us with the most concentrated version of the best actives. Dr. Nigma Talib recently collaborated with Kind.est, the lifestyle platform of actress Kate Bosworth, to launch THE SERUM ($185).

“As someone who believes in maintaining the integrity of the skin for long-term goals, I swear by this serum and Dr. Nigma Talib’s talent,” says Kate Bosworth. “She’s helped me with my skin for a decade and has become one of my dearest friends in the process. We are thrilled to be launching THE SERUM together.”

Kind.est x Dr. Nigma Serum

For my AM + PM skincare routine, I have been using THE SERUM lately. It feels so luxurious, leaving my skin glowing and nourished. My skin feels smooth and supple as if it has been reversed for at least ten years. Since including THE SERUM into my skincare regimen, I’ve noticed that my foundation goes on smoother and lasts longer. I like that it doesn’t pill under other products or makeup like I have experienced with other serums. This serum contains the highest concentration of hydrolyzed marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, prebiotics, flower, and seaweed extracts for the strongest and longest-lasting hydration effects. Dr. Nigma Talib created THE SERUM to help brighten and even out skin tone, visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and protect the skin barrier function.

      You can find this game-changing serum exclusively on Net-a-Porter for $185.

A New Wave of Natural Lipstick with Caley Cosmetics

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Driven to fill the void for cosmetics she wanted, Cindy Holland-Rodriguez was inspired to create Caley Cosmetics. It wasn’t until Cindy started wearing a lab coat that she became aware of the dangers lurking in conventional formulas. The awakening of harmful toxins came as a shock. Trying to uncover the actual sustainability of conventional formulas seemed confusing and overwhelming! Green options are more like grey. Natural labels that are as fake as the plastic on which they were printed. Responsible claims that never unveiled or investigated the true source of their components. The pathway to better living shouldn’t be this confusing.

Caley Cosmetics provide natural beauty products are developed and made in a family-owned and operated green beauty facility. They test every clean cosmetic product endlessly. They do this until they can guarantee their cruelty-free makeup brand delivers healthy skincare benefits for optimal performance.

A New Wave of Natural Lipstick with Caley Cosmetics

Are you looking for the perfect natural lipstick? Look no further than Color Wave Natural Lipstick! The lipsticks by Caley Cosmetics are beautifully crafted to ensure that you’re getting the best quality of natural lipstick that’s hydrating and has the highest pigmentation. Each shade is packed with anti-aging antioxidants that help make this healthy lipstick a cruelty-free beauty hero!

I used to hate wearing lipstick! This was mostly because I didn’t like the idea of getting it on my teeth. This was usually the case with red lipstick. This all changed after reading Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour by Dita von Teese a few years ago. While I still love wearing a colorless lip balm, I no longer shy away from wearing lipstick! The audacious shades that made me shudder in the past are exactly the same shades I’ve been wearing for the past few years, from deep hues of red or bold berries.

The Best Natural Lipstick Caley Cosmetics

I was instantly in love with the shades (Poison Apple, No Tan Lines, Rosé All Day, Babydoll, and Love Potion; $18 each) that I received from Caley Cosmetics. Love Potion is a low key, yet rich shade of dusty rose. I usually don’t like mauve-like colors, but this shade surpassed my expectations. I’ve found this shade to be flattering. However, not nearly as flattering as the No Tan Lines and Poison Apple!

Looking something playful to wear this fall? You'll love the Rosé All Day and Babydoll! Not only each lipstick imparts a beautiful color and glides on smoothly, but they’ve very moisturizing. Not sticky or waxy in the least! The ultra-creamy and hydrating texture are due to the fact that each lipstick is infused with a nourishing blend. This nourishing blend consists of watermelon, pineapple, hibiscus, jasmine, and mango to gently exfoliate and lock in moisture. Want to make your lipstick even more longlasting? Pair your lipstick with Beach Babe Natural Lips ($14) healthy liner to help lipstick stay on longer without feathering, fading or bleeding when applied on top.

Color Wave Natural Lipstick boasts 15 bold, dimensional, and mouth-watering shades. Whether you prefer a simple nude shade or a bright red, Caley Cosmetics has the perfect variety of lipsticks, liquid lips, glosses, and liners that will make every day feel like summer.

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Tarte's Mermaid Collection

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The Tarte Mermaid Collection is here! These sea-inspired looks will make you a mermaid in minutes. Clam-on for glamour with the be a mermaid and make waves eyeshadow palette or brush on some mermaid magic with the Minutes to Mermaid Brush Set. With over 20 new products, this collection will have everyone convinced you're the real deal.

Make a Splash with the Tarte Mermaid Collection

Tarte Be a Mermaid and Make Waves Eyeshadow Palette, $42

Create looks fit for a sea siren with these glimmering neutrals, jewel tones, and aquatic hues in matte and metallic formulas. With Amazonian clay and mineral pigments, the creamy powder formulas blend beautifully, while balancing skin on lids to prevent the pigment from creasing or fading.

This eyeshadow palette includes eyeshadows in nude beach (pale gold luster), shore thing (sienna), frosé (rose gold luster), beach please (maroon luster), mermosa (warm gold), cavern (burgundy luster), fin-tastic (antique bronze), sandbar (milk chocolate), salt water (pale taupe luster), shipwreck (mahogany), shell yea (bronze luster), bubbles (lilac duochrome), splash (turquoise luster), and lagoon (teal luster).

Mermaid Sea-quins, $9

The Mermaid Sea-quins add glimmer and shimmer without any fuss! Just sprinkle it onto your hair, cheekbones, or anywhere else you would like to shimmer and shine. Try pairing with Tarte's Mermaid Glitter Gel, which will help stick the sequins more securely to your skin. It will also add an extra dose of aquatic iridescence.

Tarte Mermaid Tail Eyelash Curler, $20

This collector's duo consists of limited-edition Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler as well as the Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara that are both bound to make a splash!

You'll create flawlessly curled and defined lashes with a holographic chrome lash curler, which is beautifully accented with fin-tastic, ergonomically-designed mermaid handles and a silicon pad that perfectly curls the lashes without pinching in the process. Tarte's iconic vegan 4-in-1 mascara curls and separates every lash with a 360 magniLASH wand for a naturally defined, voluminous look.

Mermaid Face Jewels, $12

These Mermaid Face Jewels adhere on the skin without budging, unless you remove them! It is a beautiful way to make a dramatic statement.

Undo the Handiwork of Father Time with Skyn ICELAND

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It’s true that Father Time is slowly, silently and steadily ticking away. One of the best and surefire ways to defy Father Time is adopting a skincare regimen to help prevent and offset the signs of premature aging. As the old adage suggests, less is more. Even simplicity is what French women strive for when it comes to defying the signs of aging since they’re known to put more focus on skincare than makeup. Their views on outer beauty are respectable since they believe in hydrating, maintaining, and coddling the skin; not masking it. It’s no wonder why they’re the epitome of aging gracefully since they begin using anti-aging skincare products early as 15 years old. French or not, this indicates that it’s never too early to start taking care of your skin.

A high-quality eye cream like the Skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Cream is a woman’s best friend at any age! Skyn ICELAND's Icelandic Relief Eye Cream is fortified with glacial flower extract to help address dark circles, puffiness, and undo the handiwork (i.e. fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet) of Father Time. It has a lightweight texture that instantly gives my skin rejuvenated and renewed feeling. This eye cream revives the under-eye area with a blend of soothing nutrients and high powered actives while optical diffusers brighten all around.


→ Supercharged Arctic extremophile plant firms, reduces puffiness and decreases wrinkles.
→ Plants from the rainforest reduce dark circles and diminish under-eye bags.
→ Potent anti-aging peptides help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
→ Instant cooling effect quickly soothes and refreshes puffy under-eye skin.
→ A cutting-edge formula is residue-free, contains no mineral oil, won’t clog pores or smear makeup.

About Skyn Iceland

Skyn ICELAND offers skincare solutions to combat and treat the damage caused by stress. Its high-performance skincare system of products brings instant relief, immediate results and long-term benefits addressing the five symptoms of stressed skin: accelerated aging, adult acne, irritation, dryness, and dullness. Skyn ICELAND’s inspiration comes from nature, in the pure unspoiled natural resources of Iceland – with its mineral-rich waters, antioxidant-powered berries, soothing algae, replenishing mosses and immunity boosting Angelica Archangelica. With these potent naturals, products soothe, stabilize, fortify and nourish skin, bringing it back into balance and returning it to a glowing, youthful state. All Skyn ICELAND products are certified cruelty free by PETA, 100% healthy and vegan.