Making Simple Waves with the ghd Jewel Collection Professional Styler

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Most of us know by now that a flat iron, especially a good one, will make your hair sleek and straight. However, you can create a myriad of hairstyles with a flat iron - from vintage siren waves and bridal hair to festival hair and prom hair. There is hardly a limit what you can do with a flat iron. My favorite flat iron brand has always been ghd, which stands for Good Hair Day. They are the Ferrari of flat irons.

They recently sent me the ghd Pink Diamond Professional Styler to create a hair tutorial by drawing inspiration from their "Hairstyles" section, which entails plenty of hair tutorial videos. My favorite is the "HOW TO CURL HAIR WITH A ghd STYLER" video. It's a fantastic video, but I thought I'd make my tutorial simpler for "red hot" waves.

1. Divide your hair into two sections with the ghd paddle brush (it comes with the ghd Jewel Collection Professional Styler).

2. Clip away the top half of your hair with a sectioning clip.

3. Apply a heat protection spray or some form of heat protection on your hair. I have tried many heat protectant products on the market, but I found that many of them weighed down or gave me less desirable results (i.e. dry, frizzy hair). The more natural, the better . . . for me. Some people swear by coconut oil, but I find just a little of it to be way too greasy, compared to some of the oil-based products that I use. I like products such as cupuacu butter, avocado oil, or argan oil since they work best for my hair. They not only protect my hair, but they give my hair the moisture it needs without weighing it down. Since everyone's hair isn't the same, use a product that works best for you.

4. Cheesy as it may sound, think of the gentle waves of the ocean. Take a small section of your hair at a time, clamp down with the ghd Jewel Collection Professional Styler ($235; Available in Pink Diamond, Amethyst, Emerald, or Sapphire), and start rotating inward and outward until you reach the tip end of your hair to create a wave.

5. Lastly, spritz on hair spray, such as Intelligent Nutrients Perfect Hold Hair Spray, to make your waves last throughout the day.

VoilĂ ! Easy, simple, and beautiful waves.

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