Ellovi Butter Review

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It is becoming cooler and cooler as the temperature begins to drop. This is the season when our skin becomes dry and almost unmanageable, thus it's important to find a product that is emollient enough to keep Old Man Winter in his place.

Long gone goes the myth that non-oily products should only be used for oily skin, because I found a body butter that is ideal for all skin types, including oily skin! I was recently introduced to the Ellovi Handmade Body Butter ($26), which only consists of six ingredients that are luxuriously rich and soothing. Those ingredients are Macadamia Nut, non-GMO Organic Corn Starch, Marula Nut, Hemp Seed, Shea, and one of my favorites, Coconut! No fillers, synthetic chemicals, preservatives, or hidden ingredients - just six ingredients of pure, natural goodness! Plus, it doesn't have a zilch of water, making it highly concentrated and challenging for it to evaporate.

I was a little hesitant about using this body butter at first, because I've used some body butters that made my skin feel oily to the point of it being untouchable. This one is thick in appearance, yet refreshingly light once applied on the skin, soothing, and melts into the skin without leaving an icky, oily residue behind on the skin or clothes. The coconut is evident, but it's very, very subtle, and doesn't have an artificial smell. It naturally provides SPF 15 protection from the sun. My jar is close to being depleted, so that speaks volumes for this product!

"We believe it's only worth making a product if it's going to be the very best of its kind."

- Kelly Winterhalter, Founder


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