Bridal Beauty Blunders, Be Gone!

The last thing you need on the most exciting, happy and stressful day of your life is to worry about the way you look. That’s why when beauty problems happen on the big day, brides tend to panic and let it ruin the mood of elation that comes with such a wonderful time. Don’t sweat it: bridal beauty expert, Ashley Stone of Beauty Entourage, shares some of the worst beauty issues she’s witnessed, and how to deal with them.

Bridezilla Breakouts

Unfortunately, stress can be a serious factor when it comes to the health of your skin. For this reason, many brides find themselves with an unsightly blemish on the days leading up to their wedding. Ashley explains, “As much as you don’t want to think about it, spontaneous breakouts do happen, and all the bridezilla moments in the world won’t help the situation. I always tell my brides to relax and whip out my personal arsenal of coverage products. If you’re doing your own makeup for the big day, first apply a spot treatment, and then use your fingers to apply concealer to the blemish. MAC Studio Finish Concealer is water-resistant and makes skin look flawless. Every bride should have this product handy just in case!”

Hectic Hair

Hair is the biggest wildcard on the day of your wedding. Because it’s affected by everything from weather to stress to joyous dancing, having a stash of emergency products could be your saving grace on the big day. Ashley says, “Even with the best beauty team, things happen. And once your hair and makeup team goes home, you’re left to fend for yourself when it comes to touch-ups and quick fixes. Depending on the bride, I recommend certain products to be on hand. For example, if your scalp tends to get a little greasy in the heat, dry shampoo goes a long way to prevent that unwanted glean; my favorite is KMS Makeover Spray. Particularly if your hair is down, this will revive and add volume. If your hair frizzes in heat or humidity, it’s important to have an anti-frizz serum like Bumble and Bumble Defrizz for touch-ups. You need to know your hair and its habits, and plan accordingly.”

Maddening Makeup

What’s worse than sweeping your finger under your eye and finding mascara or liner? Doing that on your wedding day! Ashley suggests, “On the big day, the last thing you need to worry about is your makeup. Choose products that are long-lasting and stay put, allowing you to look flawless both in person and in your photos. I always recommend using a lip stain over a lipstick, where you can get the color you want without the worry of smudging. Make sure that you have a clear gloss to touch up throughout the day, which will keep the stain fresh and prevent it from drying out, as well as brighten the color. Also, if you’re a summer bride, invest in waterproof eye makeup and my personal favorite foundation, Laura Mercier’s Powder Foundation. This will set your makeup and keep your face from appearing shiny in your photos. Keep all of your beauty products stashed in the bridal suite, and enlist one of your bridesmaids to give you a hand.”

“I can’t say the next two words enough: trial run. The last thing you need is to be unhappy with your look on the day of your wedding. Make sure that either yourself or your beauty team crafts a style that reflects your own unique personality and that makes you feel beautiful. Because in the end, that’s all that matters!” says Ashley.