LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant Review

Breaking beauty boundaries with the world's premier healthy fragrance, LAVANILA was the first to fuse luxury fragrance with natural science. Today, their growing line of healthy products continues to brim with everything that's good for you and absolutely nothing that's not. LAVANILA delivers a new generation of 100% healthy products formulated with the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients. They're packed with vitamins and minerals, and completely free of harsh chemicals. Indulge with confidence.

I've been using natural deodorants for the last two years. This is due to the potential dangers of aluminum found in traditional deodorants. Many doctors are linking aluminum to a myriad of diseases such as ALS (a.k.a. Motor-Neuro Disorder or Lou Gehrig's Disease), Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimers, and Cancer. After having a health scare of my own a couple years ago, I decided to be more "green" with my beauty and hygiene routine. I'll admit that I'm not all the way "green" with my beauty products, but I'm making much better progress. I'm also learning a lot as I go along.

I already have two brands that I swear by when it comes to all-natural deodorant. Therefore, I was slightly reluctant to use another brand when I was introduced to the LAVANILA's Healthy Deodorant ($18). I've tried a couple of products by them in the past, and I really liked them. So, I decided to give them a chance with this product.

I received the LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant in the Vanilla Passion Fruit scent (also available in Vanilla Coconut, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Lavender, and Pure Vanilla). I actually have their perfume in the same scent, but the deodorant surprisingly smells much better! It has a strong yet delightful fresh, feminine, and floral smell. The fragrance doesn't last long, but the most important thing is that it actually works.

It's rather pricier than what I usually order, but this doesn't faze me since it keeps me from sweating in this hot, sweltering heat that we've been experiencing lately!

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  1. What are the other two deodorants that you use?

  2. Florere and Jason Naturally Fresh Pure Natural Deodorant Stick (Unscented)

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