Lavanila’s Vanilla Passion Fruit Review

Lavanila’s Vanilla Passion Fruit scent is infused with natural aphrodisiacs! This fragrance is a crisp, tropical explosion of Passion Fruit, Guava and Peach Nectar steeped in warm base of Sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla. Created by master natural perfumers and backed by research, this love-attracting scent is uniquely infused with a romantic blend of powerful aphrodisiacs valued for their seductive properties. The collection includes The Healthy Fragrance ($39 - $58), Healthy Roller Ball ($19), 2-in-1 Shower and Shave ($14), and Body Butter ($20). Lavanila products can be purchased at Sephora retail stores,, and

The Healthy Fragrance - Vanilla Passion Fruit is a delightfully succulent fragrance that perfectly captures the essence of a tropical vacation without the expense and travel. It's coyly sexy, feminine, and sophisticated. It is perfect to wear on a romantic date or simply a scent that will get him to notice you without appearing overzealous.

Blue Lotus, Clary Sage, and Juniper Berry are included in the botanical fragrance blend. These ingredients are known to attract love and rekindle passion, and there are studies that even back this up! Blue Lotus is extracted from the Egyptian Blue Lotus Flower. It promotes balance between the mind, body, and soul. Clary Sage acts as an estrogen balancer for women. It can either imitate or stimulate a sexual hormone or mimic a human sexual odor. Juniper Berry is the sauciest of them all. The warm and feisty aroma creates a sensation of heat, which increases the chemicals that lead to sexual attraction.

The Healthy Body Wash 2-in-1 Shower & Shave Vanilla Passion Fruit doesn't only gently cleanses the skin, but it also provides a soft, silky shaving experience! I prefer using this over most shaving creams since they clog up razors easily. Plus, it doesn't contain the sulfates and other harsh ingredients that traditional washes and shaving products have. It provides a healthy dose of anti-oxidants and vitamins that will promote soft, touchable, and healthy skin.

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