Review: Cocoon Apothcary

Cocoon Apothecary, founded in 2004 by Jessica Burman, was conceived through a need for simple, healthy skincare products. Jessica found that most products on store shelves were loaded with synthetic fillers and animal byproducts and lacked the integrity she knew she could provide in a skincare line. Armed with aromatherapy training and her continuous commitment to learn, she endeavored on a journey to create natural, vegan products like no other.

Cocoon believes that organic farming is crucial to preserving people’s health, clean air, nutrient-dense soil, and drinkable water. They source 100% of their botanicals from certified organic producers and take an avid interest in the farms that their ingredients come from - from the biodynamic farm they visited for ylang ylang in Costa Rica to learning about the benefits of gently harvesting witch hazel by an organic producer in the Ozark Mountains – it is important for Cocoon to know their suppliers.

Touchy Feely Organic Body Lotion ($20) is a highly moisturizing, lightweight blend of lavender and rosemary in an olive oil base, which is a soothing and softening concoction for the skin. The lavender and rosemary creates an effective anti-bacterial blend that will help combat a plethora of skin woes - mild irritations, insect bites, sunburns, dermal conditions, etc. It is a must have for dry skin!

The Petal Purity Organic Facial Cleanser ($14) is an excellent cleanser. It is gentle and creamy. It removes oils, dirt, pollutants and make-up without stripping skin of essential hydration. The coconut and almond oil binds to dirt and pollutants, gently removing them from the pores. This helps the skin stay blemish free with the purifying essences of geranium and lavender. I've tried many creamy cleansers in the past, but this one is my favorite one so far. I hate the "creamy" cleansers that are watery and drippy, but this one has the perfect consistency. It is not messy at all! I was using this cleanser every morning and night since it made my skin feel utterly soft. One morning, I turned too quickly and accidentally dropped the glass bottle. Of course, it shattered into a million pieces. I was a bit disheartened since I love, love, love their cleanser!

The Rosey Cheeks Organic Facial Cream ($25) is a moisturizing cream that is brimming full of nature's best kept beauty secrets. It is formulated with the rosiest ingredients, Rosehip and Rose. It also contains Avocado Oil that will also help condition the skin. This cream delivers vitamins and antioxidants into the deep layers of your skin to support elasticity, promote collagen production and fight free-radical damage. Contains natural sources of rejuvenating vitamin A acid that will diminish fine lines, fade acne scars and repair sun damage. It makes my skin feel well nourished without making it feel weighed down. This ranks high in my beauty book since I don't like moisturizers that are oily or heavy. This cream is suitable for all skin types and can be applied day and night.

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  1. sounds lovely! i have some coming my way and i can't wait to try it :)