Olivia Garden DV-1 Wet Detangler Review

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Olivia Garden develops and manufactures high quality and innovative tools for hairdressers and consumers. All of their products are truly unique whether it be in their design or their features. They want their products to help the user style better, style faster and achieve superior results.

From award winning brushes to salon apparel and shears, Olivia Garden is your beauty tool expert.

My hair gets so tangled so easily, especially when I first wake up in the morning or when I'm washing my hair in the shower. One surefire way to detangle my hair is with a detangling hair brush. I have used a Knot Genie hair brush in the past and it does wonders for the hair, but the effectiveness is short-lived. It starts to lose shape and the bristles wear down after a month or so. This hasn't been the case for the Olivia Garden DV-1 Wet Detangler, though. I've been using it over a month and it still works good as new. It detangles my hair gently and flawlessly with the Special Memory-Flex™ bristles. Not only it's divine for the hair, but it's divine for the hand as well since it is lightweight and ergonomically shaped, which reduces stress on wrist.

The DV-1 Wet Detangler is part of Olivia Garden's "Divine" line, which entails three other brushes: DV-2 Care & Style, DV-3 Dry Detangler, and DV-4 100% Boar Styler.

Wet Detangler, Care & Style, Dry Detangler, 100% Boar Styler
Wet Detangler, Care & Style, Dry Detangler, 100% Boar Styler

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