Naturally Lindy Skin Care Giveaway

When Lindy created Lindy’s Healing Facials over 25 years ago, her holistic approach to skin care was considered unusual—maybe even a bit “out there.” Today, it is apparent that Lindy was a pioneer in the philosophy, technique and practice of natural skin care.

Suffering from severe acne herself and getting no help from the “experts,” Lindy became a licensed aesthetician to figure out how to heal her own skin. She learned that issues like food allergies, hormones and life style, and even the thoughts you think, affect the health of your skin. To deepen her knowledge and skills, Lindy obtained certifications in nutrition, reflexology, and kinesiology (aka “muscle testing”), and she studied both the traditional lore and emerging scientific evidence about the healing properties of natural ingredients derived from the earth, such as minerals, seaweeds, clays, vitamins, oils and plants.

The combination of Lindy’s Healing Facials and Naturally Lindy skin care products have given Lindy a dedicated following of men, women, and teenagers, including A-list celebrities, Hollywood executives and producers. She is sought after by people with problem skin, as well as people who want glowing healthy skin at all stages of life. Actresses and models swear by Lindy and Naturally Lindy products, both for regular healthy skin maintenance and for emergency problems and flair-ups. Plastic surgeons use and recommend Naturally Lindy skin care products for pre-op and post-op skin care, and they report that surgery goes better and results are optimized. And Naturally Lindy products are so healing that cancer patients are using Naturally Lindy products to deal with treatment side effects such as severe acne, called " acne-form " rashes.

Prizes(s): Twelve winners will receive a jar of MSM Night Repair Cream (a $50 value) from Naturally Lindy Skin Care.

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The giveaway will conclude on October 31st.
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