Solyvia Cosmétique Beauty Box Review

Solyvia products derive from the coast of Corsica, France and are of natural origin, biological farming, and are certified organic by ECOCERT. This new concept utilizes roller ball applicators to achieve targeted results. Solyvia products include a Face Serum ($30), Anti-Aging Elixir Oil ($34), and Eye Contour ($32). Treatments come a la carte or all three treatments in a Beauty Box ($80), all at very reasonable prices.

The exclusive and patented formula called HMC3, found in the Solyvia products, is a combination of five plants with rare and beneficial properties from the island of Corsica and Mediterranean Sea. The key ingredients include Imortelle for anti-aging, healing, regenerating, and increasing the production of collagen; Myrtle for a stimulant, astringent, a natural tonic for dull and tired, which results in the renewal of skin stimulation a natural glow; Wild Carrot, a powerful skin cell regenerator, promotes renewal and growth of skin cells along with an anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritation and calms redness; Landanifere Cistus for natural anti-wrinkle properties due to its astringent effect that tightens and tones; and Sea Fennel, an anti-oxidant, firms and promotes skin cell regeneration, while combating the early signs of aging.

The Beauty Box Trio, which includes glass vials of the Santa Giulia (Face Serum), Scandola (Anti-Aging Elixir Oil), and Girolata (Eye Contour), is beautifully housed in a cardboard tube. Application is easy, because each vial features a metal rollerball. Not only this ensures effortlessly easy and smooth application, but this helps distribute the right amount product onto the skin, making it cost effective. Each product has an earthy, medicinal smell that I find pleasant. All three products promote anti-aging, anti-oxidant, firming, anti-wrinkles, and cell regeneration.

Due to my combination skin, which has been wackier than usual, I have been using the Scandola and Santa Giulia sparingly. Recently, I was experiencing redness, dryness, and flaking around my neckline and chin, and both products seemingly help address this issue by clearing it up.

When I was pregnant with my daughter last spring/summer, I started noticing a dark circle underneath my right eye area. I had never experienced dark circles before, and this came by surprise since I was getting the proper amount of sleep. As the months rolled on by, the problem never went away, and started getting worse. A few months ago, I started noticing it in my left eye area. I practically tried everything to make them go away, but getting rid of them wasn't an easy feat at all. I have been using the Girolata (Eye Contour) for a little over a month now and noticed a lot of improvement around my eyes, especially my right eye area. Even though they haven't completely gone away, they are much less noticeable and embarrassing.

Overall, I have had a pleasant experience with Solyvia Cosmétique, and will buy more of their products once my supply depletes.

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