Beauty Nectar: The Collagen Drink

Our skin starts losing elasticity and collagen at the age of 25, thus making some people appear older than they actually are. Not only our skin goes through changes as we older, but the lack of collagen affects our hair, making it thinner, lifeless, or dry; our nails, making them ragged and brittle; our joints, making them less flexible; and our muscles, making us lose tone. Ashieda‘s Beauty Nectar ($39.99 - $89.99) is a safe and 100% natural dietary supplement that is formulated to increase collagen production. Drinking a 2-oz bottle of Beauty Nectar daily can possibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines and improve overall skin tone - all resulting in youthful, radiant skin.


Orza Ceramide PT, enhancing the moisturizing ratio by forming a skin protecting barrier and tightening skin tissue alignment.

Vitamin C with its antioxidant properties also stimulates the production of enzymes in fibroblasts, working to help the body form elastin and collagen.

Kiwi Seed Extract contains abundant w-6 essential fatty acids and Vitamin E for additional anti-oxidation.

Resveratrol and OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin) as the main antioxidants in grape seed assist in removing free radicals.

Although I received one box of 10 bottles to sample (a $39.99 value), I couldn't go all the way with the 10 day trial since two bottles arrived broken, mostly likely the way the package was handled by the mail carrier. With the 8 bottles that were fully intact, I decided to go through a shorter trial. I honestly didn't notice much of a difference in my skin or hair during the 8 days of drinking the Beauty Nectar, but I must note that the drinks were delicious. I've tried a similar product in the past, but it didn't have a good taste like the Beauty Nectar.

Have you ever tried Beauty Nectar before? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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