Gr8ful Skincare: SkinCouture by Jennifer Newman

Getting a facial at the spa is a pampering, yet expensive treatment for instant beautification. Since not everyone has the luxury of engaging in a pampering feat at the spa on a regular basis, you can experience the same high-end luxury experience at home with the Gr8ful Skincare that I recently received

Gr8ful Skincare's Stimul8 Mud ($70) is perfect for the skin since it is eco-friendly, vegan, 100% natural, paraben-free, and contains a chock full of ingredients that are beneficial for the skin's health, such as Dead Sea Mud, Holy Basil (Tulsi) Oil, Zeolite Clay, Peppermint Oil, Kelp Seaweed, and Manuka Oil, to name a few out of a beautifying bunch.

I have combination skin, which has been leaning more to the oily side lately, yet the results are instantaneous, leaving a noticeably natural and radiant glow. The skin is also immediately tightened and firmed since the mud mask absorbs impurities without removing natural oils. It does tingle in the beginning, but I find this feeling to be relaxing and therapeutic. It also indicates that the mask is working its magic for me, at least. It isn't something I'd recommend using everyday since you'll run out of the product rather quickly, but using it once or twice a week is ideal to keep the skin looking great.

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