Chesnut & Holly - Two of The Season's Anti-Aging Powerhouse Ingredient​s

Chestnut and Holly are two of this season’s powerhouse ingredients in the fight against anti-aging.

Wei Brian, Chinese herbal beauty expert and creator of Wei East, has combined a unique blend of the finest, cutting-edge ingredients to create two powerful, anti-aging products for beautiful, smoother, tighter looking skin!

Wei East’s new Sichuan Holly Wrinkle Away Amazing Eyes ($32) is an all-in-one power packed eye cream that helps target the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by day and fight the formation of lines at night. Watch as the triple herbal combination of Sichuan Holly, Silver Grass and White Rose Root fight signs of aging, giving you the visible, rapid results you’ve been looking for.

Wei East’s Black Soy with Chestnut Extra Firming Cream ($31) unlocks the treasured Chinese beauty secret to a firmer, more lifted, youthful contour. Watch as the special Black Soy peptides and Chestnut, deliver the most uplifting, dramatic lifted appearances.

Mad for Mangoes

With harsh winter weather just around the corner, wouldn’t we all love to escape to sunny climes? Your hair can also use a vacation from the harsh, blustery weather. With the frigid temperatures, snow, sleet and blustering winds that the first cold snap ushers in, there is also a drop in humidity that can cause both hair and skin to lose precious moisture. Dry, brittle hair is also prone to breakage. While most of us don’t hesitate to change out our closets or switch from light lotions to richer creams to moisturize parched skin, we don’t always think about modifying our hair care regimen. It’s time to rethink winter hair care with the KLORANE Mango Butter range, five must-haves to nourish, repair and protect dehydrated hair.

For the ultimate in nurturing benefits, KLORANE sources mangoes exclusively from India, where the sweet, juicy fruit has been used for 4,000 years to heal infections. Just think what mangoes can do for your hair! Indian-grown mangoes are especially rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help restructure hair and restore depleted moisture. Extracted from the pit through cold pressing, a costly process that preserves the value of the nutrients found in the extract, mango rescues winter-weary tresses without weighing hair down.

For mild cleansing, shampoo hair with rich, creamy KLORANE Shampoo with Mango Butter (13.4 oz., $18), formulated to nourish and restructure the hair shaft while restoring moisture. Left in the hair for two minutes, their Conditioner with Mango Butter (5.1 oz., $14) smoothes and detangles even the most parched tresses, leaving hair moisturized, soft and shiny.

For a weekly deep treatment, leave Mask with Mango Butter (5 oz., $24) in hair for five minutes. To get the equivalent of a luxurious spa treatment, apply the mask, wrap head with a warm towel and relax for 20 minutes before rinsing. The heat of the towel helps the mask to penetrate deeply to restructure the hair shaft and seal the cuticle (outer layer) to resist external aggressors — a must for extremely dehydrated and damaged hair. Leave-In Fluid with Mango Butter (3.4 oz., $14) forms an invisible protective film on the surface of the hair to prevent breakage. Simply work 2 or 3 pea-size drops through the lengths of towel-dried or dry hair. All are sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free.

Going skiing or headed for a winter beach resort? Take along Mango Oil (4.2 oz., $14), a lightweight, spray-on dry oil enhanced with a UV filter to protect against the sun's harmful rays. You’ll love how a light misting of the oil conditions — and with no oily residue. The oil is paraben-free, silicone-free, and preservative-free.

These cold-weather hair care essentials with an uplifting, refreshing mango fragrance not only bring a little slice of the tropics to you, but also ensure the highest possible nourishment for dry hair.

7 YEARS YOUNGER: The Revolutionary 7-Week Anti-Aging Plan Giveaway

Prize(s): One winner will receive a copy of 7 YEARS YOUNGER: The Revolutionary 7-Week Anti-Aging Plan.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There’s no fountain of youth but the good news is there are scientifically proven strategies and solutions that can make every woman look, feel, and act younger (and here’s the amazing part) in just seven weeks.

7 YEARS YOUNGER: The Revolutionary 7-Week Anti-Aging Plan, a new book by the editors of Good Housekeeping magazine. Based on extensive product research conducted by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute on hundreds of volunteers, plus interviews with 100+ experts including dermatologists, brain scientists, stress reduction researchers, exercise experts, makeup artists, hairstylists, nutritionists, life coaches, and psychologists, the book delivers a practical anti-aging plan that you can start today.

Here’s just a sampling of the many surprising (and usable) stop-the-clock strategies for beauty, diet, fitness and health:

- Take a few minutes each day to mentally savor the things you’re thankful for, and you’ll sleep better and longer each night. (pg. 240)

- Choose a hydrating or satin-finish liquid foundation, as hormone levels dip and your skin gets drier. (pg. 70)

- Shampoo less frequently to avoid hair dye color-fade. Refresh on your off days by spraying on a dry shampoo at the roots to soak up oil and restore volume. (p. 108).

Not only this book offers a chock full of tips, but it has several of delicious, yet healthy recipes, such as the Vegetable Lasagna Toss, Red Lentil & Vegetable Soup, Grilled Veggie Pizza, California Breakfast Wrap, Stuffed Portobellos, Grilled Portobello Burgers, and Mixed Fruit Smoothie, to name a few. Whether you're 25 or 55, this book is a must have to maintain a youthful and healthy appearance!

Disclosure: This giveaway opportunity is sponsored by Hearst. I also received the same book for hosting.

This giveaway will conclude on January 7th.

OPI Celebrates Disney’s Oz - The Great and Powerful with Limited Edition Nail Lacquers

OPI announces the launch of six limited edition nail lacquers and a new Liquid Sand™ shade, inspired by Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful. With an all-star cast that includes James Franco and Michelle Williams, this highly-anticipated film opens in theaters on March 8, 2013.

“OPI is very excited to take this fantastical journey with Disney,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.“Inspired by the magic of Oz The Great and Powerful, this SoftShades collection captures the whimsy seen in the film, from glittery shades packed with white, gold and silvery iridescent confetti – Lights of Emerald City, When Monkeys Fly! and Which is Witch? – to soft neutrals in white, beige and pink – Don’t Burst My Bubble, Glints of Glinda and I Theodora You.

“The new Liquid Sand nail lacquer – What Wizardry is This? – features OPI’s groundbreaking technology for a textured, matte finish infused with reflective sparkle,” adds Weiss-Fischmann.“This rich taupe hue was designed for James Franco’s character, the great Wizard of Oz, and is sure to make a bold statement this spring.”

With a mix of soft crème and warm glitter shades, the line is ideal for layering to create rich, complex looks. In addition to the Liquid Sand nail lacquer in What Wizardry is This?, the promotion includes:

Lights of Emerald City
White confetti adds city girl flair and style to nails.

Don’t Burst My Bubble
Don’t wake me...I’m dreaming about puffy clouds of white.

When Monkeys Fly!
I’m simply bananas for this gold confetti.

Glints of Glinda
Only a good witch could turn beige from meek to chic.

Which is Witch?
Is this silver glitter with iridescent sparkle or the other way around?

I Theodora You

This adorable, sheer pink is bewitching on you.

Combat Winter Hair Woes with Styling & Health Tips

Winter weather is moving in and between the cold, dry air and hiding your locks under a hat, the season is bound to wreak havoc on your hair.

From fighting frizz to maintaining hair health, expert stylists from Hair Club have provided the following advice for cold-weather hair care and styling....just in time for winter!

The professional stylists of Hair Club® offer advice on how to keep your hair healthy, moisturized and frizz-free this winter:

• Choose a Sulfate-Free Shampoo: A common ingredient found in shampoos, sulfates help remove buildup and debris. But, especially in the winter, they can also irritate and dry the scalp, strip color and shine, cause split ends, and cause the hair cuticle to become rough and coarse. Sulfate-free shampoos help attract moisture back to hair.

• Use a Round Brush: We often hide under a hat to protect our head and ears from chilly temperatures, leading to unattractive hat hair. A round brush is a styling tool that helps to create lift, volume, and the appearance of fullness. Choose one that has soft bristles and holes in the barrel to help to circulate air and protect from intense heat.

• Take a Multi-Vitamin: An easy way to keep hair healthy from the inside out, selecting a multivitamin that contains these four essentials is vital for healthier, stronger hair.

◦ Biotin: The most important supplement you can take, Biotin is vital for hair growth and strengthening both hair and nails.
◦ Vitamin B: Helps to enhance fullness and the way hair looks by promoting blood circulation to the scalp, preventing premature grays and hair loss, and stimulating growth.
◦ Vitamin C: Influences how hair maintains its color and the right level of moisture.
◦ Vitamin D: Working hand in hand with calcium, Vitamin D helps to grow hair and protect it from drying and breaking.

• Go Easy on the Hair Care Products, and Use the Right Ones: Combating static, flyaways, and flatness makes it easy to load up on mousse and hair spray, but ultimately, the overuse of styling products has the reverse effect. Too much of a good thing can limit natural hair movement, clump the hair together, weigh it down, and make it look greasy, increasing the appearance of thinness or less hair. Stick to a dime-sized portion of product, avoiding contact with the scalp so as not to clog pores or cause flakes. Look to gloss drops to help reduce static.

• In Winter the Key is Moisture: Winter air outside is drier due to colder conditions as well as inside due to heating in buildings. When hair is wet it naturally stretches, and as it dries it will shrink. If hair becomes overly dry and lacks moisture it can snap and break during the drying process. For your healthiest winter hair, it is all about deep conditioning. Using conditioners with a lower molecular weight will allow for moisture to be delivered deeper into the hair, and won’t weigh hair down.

• Limit Artificial Heat: Many of us are guilty of blasting scorching, artificial heat on our locks each day with a favorite beauty tool. Not only can these tools actually burn your hair, but they also dry it out, leaving it susceptible to breakage and split ends. Winter air is generally drier due to cold conditions outside and heated indoor environments, making this season especially hard on hair. Make sure to only use a dryer once hair is damp (not dripping wet) and keep it at least six inches away, moving it continuously over different areas. With irons, never leave them on hair for more than 15-20 seconds. Heat protectors and/or a leave-in conditioner are always recommended to help protect your strands from the very beginning and increase volume, but if possible, skip the tools a couple days a week and go au natural.

Emerald Green: The IT Color of 2013

This happens to be a favorite color of celeb manicurist and owner of As “U” Wish Nail Spa, Skyy Hadley. Skyy loves to create chic manicures (and pedicures!) with Emerald green nail polish shades because “The jewel-toned emerald is a classically elegant color that makes my clients feel sophisticated, rejuvenated, balanced and radiant”

Below are some of my favorite green nail polish shades you can purchase now to get ahead of the trend:

CHINA GLAZE Emerald Sparkle

“Love the strong and durable formula!”Skyy Hadley

SALLY HANSEN Magnetic Nail Color in Electric Emerald

“I really love this fun and easy magnetic trend!” Skyy Hadley

ZOYA Nail Polish in Suvi

Skyy Hadley is a huge fan of the ZOYA healthy formulas!

Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer Review

Everyone wants stronger, longer hair that looks flawless from root to tip without the hassle of getting regular trims. The secret is, the less trims you need, the longer your hair can grow, and faster! So, stop cutting and start growing by binding the frayed and separated ends of your hair back together, making them look freshly cut, instantly.

For more than 2,000 years, Tahitians have used Monoi oil for its natural reparative properties that undo and prevent damage from the sun, sea and surf. Using ingredients that only grow in Tahiti, Monoi oil is made by taking 15 freshly picked Tiare gardenia flower blossoms and combining them with 15 ounces of Coprah coconut oil over a 15-day sacred ritual.This product does not contain alcohol, petroleum, mineral oil, or artificial colors.

Based on instrumental results versus control in a clinical trial on real human hair swatches, an average of 93.3% of split ends were sealed, instantly. -Thousands of hairs were put through mechanical stressors — washing, blow drying, flat ironing, hair coloring — until split ends formed. The Split End Sealer ($25) was then applied and the number of remaining split ends were counted. Only 6.7% of split ends remained.

My hair has been in its best shape ever since I've started using the flat iron less and less, using specifically organic shampoo and conditioner, and following a hair mask regimen once a week. The Split End Sealer truly "seals" the deal by binding split ends together, while making my hair silky and smooth. Also, it smells amazing! A pea size amount goes a long way, to extend the life of this product, which also helps justify its costly price!

Disclosure: The item(s) in this review was provided to the reviewer for keeps and the purpose of writing a review. This in no way effects the quality of the review provided. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly that of the reviewer. All reviews provided here are the work of the reviewer and remain completely unbiased.
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