Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer Review

Everyone wants stronger, longer hair that looks flawless from root to tip without the hassle of getting regular trims. The secret is, the less trims you need, the longer your hair can grow, and faster! So, stop cutting and start growing by binding the frayed and separated ends of your hair back together, making them look freshly cut, instantly.

For more than 2,000 years, Tahitians have used Monoi oil for its natural reparative properties that undo and prevent damage from the sun, sea and surf. Using ingredients that only grow in Tahiti, Monoi oil is made by taking 15 freshly picked Tiare gardenia flower blossoms and combining them with 15 ounces of Coprah coconut oil over a 15-day sacred ritual.This product does not contain alcohol, petroleum, mineral oil, or artificial colors.

Based on instrumental results versus control in a clinical trial on real human hair swatches, an average of 93.3% of split ends were sealed, instantly. -Thousands of hairs were put through mechanical stressors — washing, blow drying, flat ironing, hair coloring — until split ends formed. The Split End Sealer ($25) was then applied and the number of remaining split ends were counted. Only 6.7% of split ends remained.

My hair has been in its best shape ever since I've started using the flat iron less and less, using specifically organic shampoo and conditioner, and following a hair mask regimen once a week. The Split End Sealer truly "seals" the deal by binding split ends together, while making my hair silky and smooth. Also, it smells amazing! A pea size amount goes a long way, to extend the life of this product, which also helps justify its costly price!

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