PATYKA Biokaliftin Remarquable Cleansing Oil Review

Deeply rooted in harmonizing beauty, responsibility, pleasure and efficacy, PATYKA has successfully created unique formulas that redefine what it means to feel beautiful. Their botanical and apothecary inspired skin care and body care products incorporate ancient formulas coupled with a modern sensibility and global consciousness.

A fusion of French expertise and an aesthetically pleasing approach give the user an enjoyable experience while they care for their well-being and skin. PATYKA provides two lines: Biokaliftin, for anti-aging, and Absolis, for combination and dry skin. All products are made with natural ingredients blended to perfection for desirable, effective formulations.

Our skin is usually most vulnerable during the fall and winter seasons, due to the brisk air and wind chills. Many of us will experience dry, itchy skin. What worked for us during the warmer months will not necessarily work for our skin during the colder months. So you'll need to keep your skin up to par by taking extra good care of it. It's most likely that you'll need to change your skincare routine to prevent dull, dry skin. The best way to do this is opt for heavier, creamier skincare products.

I'm hardly a fan of using oil of any kind on my face since my skin has a mind of its own. It can be clean and clear for weeks, and other times it is hard to handle after the least little breakout. Of course, I was a little hesitant at using the PATYKA Biokaliftin Remarquable Cleansing Oil ($75) since it's a cleansing oil, after all. I'm glad that I gave it a chance, though.

I can't vouch for all cleansing oils, but I haven't had any issues with the PATYKA Biokaliftin Remarquable Cleansing Oil, even with unpredictable skin. Removing make-up, especially eye make-up, was sometimes a trying experience with other cleansers, yet this cleanser removes make-up flawlessly and effortlessly. It also doesn't irritate my eye area when removing eye make-up. Another that I like is that there is hardly any need for me to follow-up with a moisturizer, because this product keeps my skin soft and supple enough. The only thing I'd change is the price. Otherwise, my skin is a happy camper!

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