Gorgeously Green Tresses with Raw Hair Organics

Synthetic preservatives, detergents, and petroleum derivatives are commonly found in 95 percent of shampoos. Sulfates will also corrode and stunt hair growth. Not only are these damaging ingredients known to strip away sebum, an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous gland to keep your hair and skin from drying out, but they can take a toll one one's health. One of those ingredients include 1.4-dioxane, which is found in many shampoos, household products, and bath products - mostly anything that will create suds. High exposure to this ingredient can cause irritation to the eyes, skin, throat, nose, and lungs; vertigo, coughing, drowsiness, and increase your risk for cancer.

A little over a year ago, I mostly stopped using chemical laden hair products (except for heat protectant, but I have recently found a healthy alternative), and I have noticed a significant difference in my hair health - less breakage, shinier, and more apt at retaining moisture. I'll admit that I still have issues with my hair from time to time, but the flat iron is the culprit.

I was introduced to the Magnificent Moisture Shampoo ($21) and Conditioner ($22) by Raw Hair Organics about a month ago. I was sold at the fact that their products are 100% natural, made with organic, and wild crafted ingredients. Ideal for hair that is lacking in moisture, their Magnificent Moisture hair care line has natural moisturizing ingredients that are free of damaging detergents. I love the results that both products provide. It simply takes a dime sized amount of their shampoo to get my hair squeaky clean, and it doesn't strip my hair or leave it in a tangled mess - biggest plus! Their conditioner ensures that my hair retains moisture, while giving it a light, pleasant grapefruit scent.

I normally don't use styling gel in my hair, mostly due to the fact that they dry out my hair, causes flakes, and other hair misadventures. However, I really like their Just Gellin Styling Gel ($20). It doesn't flake or dry out the hair, yet it will ensure that your hair stays in place. I've been mostly using it in my son's hair and really like what it does for his also. I'm definitely going to forgo the expensive trips to the salon, where I normally buy his hair products.

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