Metropolis Soap Company Review

Metropolis Soap Company uses simple ingredients. First they select 100% vegan oils like vitamin-rich coconut oil, luxurious sunflower oil, and moisturizing shea butter, which all are a part of their time-tested recipe. They choose their oils for their skin-loving properties, as well as their ability to create a hard, durable soap that will last. Next the oils are mixed with a carefully measured amount of distilled water and sodium hydroxide, which causes the chemical reaction that makes soap! The oils and water are blended together and once the ingredients have officially made soap they add their own specially formulated essential oil blends. These blends are created for their aromatherapy properties as much as their scent abilities!

A good body scrub is essential for any skin care regimen, because it's a great way to banish dead, dry skin. It also effectively gets rid of skin gunk, such as dirt and other nasties that may be lurking within your skin. Metropolis Soap Company's Balsam of Peru and Pumpkin Sugar Scrub ($37) will keep your skin feeling utterly soft and supple. The Pumpkin is super food for the skin, because it has a chock full of enzymes and vitamins A, C, and E, which offers superior protection and nourishment for the skin. Balsam of Peru essential oil compliments the pumpkin with a little vanilla spice.

They give a fair warning that this product may melt when shipped to warmer climates. I also must note that you might want to keep this product in the fridge, because it got moldy within a few weeks! I have never experienced this with a body scrub before, but it makes perfect sense, considering that this product is made with all natural ingredients.

As soon as I took off the lid, the scent of the Calendula and Citrus Herbal Spa Soak ($34.99) filled the air and eased away negative thoughts. The soothing and relaxing ingredients are Calendula, Spearmint, Essential Oil Blend of Lemongrass and Orange, and Lemon Peel - a perfect morning booster! Not only these ingredients promote relaxation and uplift the spirits, but they're also good for toning the skin and aiding detoxification.

Their herbal bath salts are also available in Rose, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang, Coconut and Lime, and Juniper and Herbs - all are $34.99 for each. Also, each herbal spa soak comes with a muslin bag, making it easier to enjoy your spa-ah experience without making a mess in the process.

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