Elite Model Fragrance Giveaway

Prize: Two winners will receive an Elite Model Fragrance of their choice - Paris, London, New York, or Rio.

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Elite Models is introducing their global beauty and style into the world of fragrance with the debut of four fashionable scents! The Collection offers four evocative scents that transport you to the world’s hottest cities – Paris, London, New York, and Rio.

Paris Baby: Inspired by the city of love,Paris Baby is a romantic, feminine fragrance with a twist. Spray on when you’re feeling romantic and mischievous.

London Queen: Just like London, London Queen pulsates with energy. The overall experience excites and exhilarates the senses. For when you’re in the party-mood for mayhem!

New York Muse: Spray on New York Muse for a flavor of fast-moving life in the Big Apple. Spray it on for a blast of edgy, urban attitude.

Rio Glam Girl: Capture the vibrant, celebratory spirit of Rio, home of the carnival, sun-kissed beaches and electric nights with Rio Glam Girl. Perfect when you have the most glam places to go.

The giveaway will conclude on May 5th.
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