Beauty/Hai​r Expert Shares Snapshots of Beauty Industry Secrets & Tricks

As the saying goes“a picture is worth a thousand words.” Or should we say thousands of dollars? As one of the bridal industries booming businesses, and frontrunner for a couple’s areas to splurge,wedding photography costs range anywhere from $2,000-$10,000, and can sometimes cost much more. This comes as no surprise; after all the months of planning and organizing, photos are what you have left to relive the big day. However, there are many factors that go into making each memory picture-perfect.

“No matter how talented your photographer may be, what you see in the mirror may not necessarily be what you get on film,” explains Ashley Stone, founder of Beauty Entourage, a mobile beauty dream team comprised of veteran hairstylists and makeup artists. With a growing trend of mobile beauty teams and beauty house calls— for both brides and women in need of a professional makeover for any event—Beauty Entourage is at the forefront when it comes to providing a contingency plan. With a large team of professionals, you are guaranteed to get the same desired look, even if one team member must be replaced, under unforeseen circumstances. Under Ashley’s leadership, the Beauty Entourage Team offers clients the latest techniques and trends in formal styling and makeup artistry with a focus on complimentary hair and makeup for an overall uniform style.

Besides a talented and experienced team, what’s Ashley’s secret to perfecting brides for the camera? “Working with brides for over 10 years,I have developed a special protocol when it comes to bridal hairstyles and makeup application. Though each of our professionals specializes in certain styles, we are fully confident each can create a desired look tailored to look best on film.”

Vendor Connection

Art comes in many forms. Collaborating with other artists, quite simply said, often leads to perfection. “Whether you are a bride or makeup artist,connecting with the photographer hired to document the event is a great idea,” says Ashley. “Every photographer has a different style. For instance, one might specialize in black and white photography or take an artistic approach. Understanding the photographer’s style will help in determining shading and colors for makeup.”

Know What You Are Up Against

Think of the camera as a friendly adversary — your best friend or your worst enemy. Know what you are up against. “The camera tends to capture oily skin. Moisturizing with an oil-free moisturizer is a must,” explains Ashley. “The key is to let your moisturizer sink in for a few minutes, prior to makeup application.Make sure to ask your makeup artist what moisturizer they plan to use on your skin the day-of. Do not experiment with a brand new moisturizer you have never tested on your skin. You don’t know how your skin will react and your wedding day is not the day to find out.” Be sure to blend your foundation all around, including your neck and hairline to avoid multi-colored skin in photos. Steer clear of shimmery bronzers and blush, as they do not translate well on camera. If you are having your bridal photos taken indoors,the camera flash tends to accentuate dark areas and blemishes. Be mindful of those areas when shading with foundation and concealer.

Expert Advice

When it comes to your hair for the big day, capturing your hair in all its glory is ideal; however, capturing frizz—not so much. “It is important to communicate your concerns with your makeup artist and hairstylist. Together you can discuss options and create the best fit style for your hair. Our brides concerned with frizz are treated with a customized cocktail of products that de-frizz as the hair is styled. ”

“It is important to prep your hair for the special day,” adds Ashley.“Usually minimal prep time is required. In some cases, we ask that our bride simply wash her hair the night before or we recommend using leave-in conditioner. This is based on the bride’s hair texture.” After dancing the night away, you don’t want to be left to cut the cake with anew unwanted do. “It is important for both brides and professionals to choose the best fit style for hair texture. With professional help, it will be easier to settle on a ‘do that may not be what you first wanted, but its best variation that will last you throughout the whole night.” When blow drying your hair straight, dry your hair downward at a 90 degree angle to avoid frizz.

Touchup Kit

“Every bride should have a kit for a few quick touchups throughout your event,” suggests Ashley. “Though your makeup is applied to last the whole night, you should have an emergency touchup kit handy.” Be sure to include the essentials—lip color, blotting towels, travel flexible hairspray, bobby pins and a mini mirror. Be sure to apply flexible hair spray once during your reception. Don’t overdo it. “Too much shine, depending on the style, may ruin the curls. Apply a light coat of flexible hair spray to add a little shine and eliminate frizz.” Have one of your bridesmaids or wedding planner hang onto the kit and remember to refresh after dinner.“I suggest color on your lips, bringing life to those still photos. Avoid nude colors and avoid just applying lip gloss. In order to make your lip color last, fill in your lips with lip liner prior to lipstick application.”

Founder of Beauty Entourage and Salon Alexander

Inspired by fashion runway and red carpet trends, Founder of Beauty Entourage Ashley Stone and her team translate avant-garde makeup and hairstyles to timeless looks for clients and brides alike.

With over a decade of beauty experience and as the owner of Salon Alexander,Ashley’s quest to create a beauty dream team was brought to life in 2005through Beauty Entourage, mobile beauty dream team comprised of veteran hairstylists and makeup artists. With a focus on the latest techniques and trends in formal styling and makeup artistry, Ashley’s team is specially trained to create looks best fit for film.

Ashley specializes in color correction, formal styling, hair extensions and corrective extensions. And alongside her passion to create looks ranging from a simple chignon to wavy glamorous locks, Ashley’s devotion to helping others led her to a world where beauty meets philanthropy. Using her talents for greater good,Ashley is a volunteer for the American Cancer Society “Look Good, Feel Better” program, helping cancer patients and survivors with wig styling and makeup application. Under Ashley’s leadership, Salon Alexander holds annual fundraisers to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and donates client’s hair to the notable organization Wigs For Kids.

The Connecticut native recently burned up the airwaves participating on the Oxygen Network’s reality television show “Hair Battle Spectacular,” placing second in the competition. Ashley’s Beauty Entourage Team was also recently selected as The Knot’s 2011 Bestof Weddings for 2011 for hair and makeup in Connecticut.
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