Holiday Nails That Make a Statement

For some women, nails are an afterthought. But for the meticulous fashionista, nails are a statement waiting to be made – and what better time to make a splash than the holiday season? Which begs the question: what does each popular color represent, and what does it say about a woman’s personality when she chooses her favorite nail shade? Here, nail expert and Creative Director of Pretty Woman USA, Aija Vilemsonne, shares her thoughts on what your hue says about you, and what holiday looks you should consider pairing with your color of choice.

Winter White

White is the universal go-to color for put-together nails. Aija reveals, “Women who wear white often do so exclusively; white is both practical and sophisticated, a winning combination. The woman who wears white doesn’t want to be shackled to nail touch-ups – she wants to have fun!”

Wear It With:

From a fashion standpoint, white is a blank canvas. Aija points out that a more colorful, dramatic frock would be a nice complement to the muted tone of the white nail polish. A quick beauty tip is to choose a fun shade for your eyes or lips that bounce off of the white shine of your nails.

Pink Pops

This super feminine color is not for the faint of heart. Says Aija, “When you wear a hot color like this, you’re asking for attention and demanding that people notice your nails. Only a woman who is as confident as can be would invite such scrutiny!”

Wear It With:

Aija suggests pairing this dramatic hue with neutral clothing tones and accessories. Make your nails the true star by ensuring that they pop against your outfit. A little black dress would be ideal. For fun, match your lip color to the nail; bold lips are in this holiday season!

Robust Red

Red has always been the color of power. “Red is for the dominant woman who is self-confident and knows what she wants. Besides being festive for the holiday season, this lady wants to convey that she is in control,” says Aija.

Wear It With:

When you wear red nails, you want them to be one of the focal points of your ensemble. Try to keep your clothing and makeup relatively neutral, save for a dewy red-tinged blush and a rich red gloss.

Metallic Maven

Metallic-hued or shimmery nails clue people in to style.“Metallic is a trend that has been seen largely on the runways of high-fashion houses. Wear it with the confidence that those who see it will appreciate that you are a fashionista at heart!”

Wear It With:

The great thing about metallic nails is that they can go with pretty much anything you might have in mind for a holiday soiree. Play up your makeup with fun colors and textures. Try to match your accessories to the color of your nails for a clean look.

“Your nails say more about your personality to others than you might think,” says Aija, “but one thing to keep in mind when you are experimenting with new trends is to showcase your confidence. Stand by your style choices and have fun!”
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