Clarins Eye Definition Mascara Review

The Instant Definition Mascara ($24) is a new, ultra-volume mascara with a rich formula and revolutionary brush that enhances each individual lash for ultimate definition. The key ingredients are Seaweed Extracts to protect, repair, and strengthen lashes. Glycoproteins thicken lashes and adhere for long wear.

My Thoughts:
It has been a good while since I've discovered a mascara that I've been enamored with. I had been sticking to drugstore brands for the last few months to save money, even though I wasn't totally in love with anything that I was using. I honestly don't think I've ever tried anything else from Clarins before, but I'm eager to foray into the brand a little bit more after trying out this mascara. I love that this mascara doesn't wear off easily, unlike most of the brands I've come across lately. It also doesn't smudge or flake. I wouldn't recommend it if it did, because I know shelling out $24 for mascara is not everyone's idea of a bargain beauty product. Overall, I think it's high time for me to ditch those other mascaras that I have.

Clarins Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Pati Dubroff, has been testing the Instant Definition Mascara ($24) and it has already become a staple in her kit. Tips below from Pati on how to use this new mascara.

1. Apply the Instant Definition Mascara before applying your other eye make-up. Doing it at this point allows you to get close to the base of the lash and if some mascara gets on the lid, it's easy to remove without messing up the eye make-up.

2. Once it dries, apply eye make-up (such as liner and/or eye shadow).

3. Then apply a top coat of the Instant Definition Mascara, keeping the brush horizontal to build volume on the center lashes.

4. Next, carefully wipe the brush with a clean tissue to focus on the smaller and lower lashes to remove any excess mascara and avoid clumping.

5. Hold the brush vertically and carefully cover the inner and lower lashes - the key is a light dusting, not a clumpy heavy coat.

6. The smaller bristles on the tip of the Instant Definition Mascara brush are perfect to work through clumps; treat it like a comb!

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