Leonor Greyl's Lait Luminescence Bi-Phase Detangling Milk Review

Product Description: Lait Luminescence ($43) is a bi-phase, silicone-free detangling and styling product with exceptional smoothing properties. This milk-spray hybrid nourishes and aids the styling of even the most difficult hair, enhancing shine and luminosity and protecting against UVB rays and heat.


• Alaria Esculenta – A seaweed extract collected along the Breton coast with smoothing and protecting properties.

• Cassia Angustifolia – A plant cultivated in the Southern India that smooths and conditions even the driest of hair for incredible manageability.

• Manketti Oil
– Derived from the fruit of a tree that is protected in Namibia,this oil protects hair against the drying effects of the sun and heat styling tools.

My Thoughts:
Whether I'm wearing my hair straight or wavy, this product gives my hair the moisture and luster that it needs without giving it a greasy feeling in the least. It also doesn't weigh down my hair like some products have in the past. Combing my hair doesn't take much effort since it glides through effortlessly after applying this product. It has a nice, tropical smell when you first apply it on, but it fades within minutes. However, that doesn't make me think any less of it since it does wonders for my hair. My hair isn't a fan of too many hair products, but it has been getting along just fine with this product!

How to Use: Shake before use. Apply a small amount of Lait Luminescence to the length and ends of hair, detangle, and begin brushing. Also apply before exposure to the sun and after swimming.

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