Padina Cosmetics Review

I've tried many eyelash conditioners since I have started this blog, but it has been quite awhile since I've featured a review on one. I recently came across one that I really liked. I chose to not review the one I received prior to this since I had a terrible experience. I'm referring to a company called RevitaLash in case you're wondering. I have read esteemed reviews regarding that company. Therefore, I can't but wonder if I came across a bad batch. Maybe not since you can't go by everything you read on the internet, unless you've had first hand experience.

The Padina Eyelash Conditioner ($120) is a bit different than the eyelash conditioners I've tried in the past. It's made with a total of 23 different herbal extracts sans the harsh chemicals found in most eyelash conditioners on the market. You might want to refer to this link link since many brands are known to cause serious risks.

The herbal plants in the Padina Eyelash Conditioner contain the exact proteins that each eyelash is composed of in order to give your eyelashes the same building materials for growth enhancement and volume. Padina is already making a splash in Hollywood, as it was hand selected by Rob Robinson for Fred Segal Apothia in their Melrose shop.

To guarantee a higher effectiveness of this botanical formula, Padina has created a blending of western and oriental herbal and mineral science that they've coined a "Botanical Revolution," with a unique nano-blending technique that combines all ingredients into a fine liquid that is extremely penetrating and stable. This results in maximum penetration of all components, which equal top results. Noticeable results can be seen within 3-4 weeks of using the product as directed.

My Thoughts:
I'm uber picky about what I apply around my eyes since my eyes are very sensitive due to photophobia, which means light sensitivity. However, I think it contributes sensitivity to other things. Therefore, I was a bit leery about trying this new product out since I didn't hear too much about it prior to my experience. Since it doesn't have the chemical muck that most eyelash conditioners are known to have, my curiosity got ahold of me.

I haven't had a such a good experience with an organic eyelash conditioner since Lash Mantra. I used product faithfully every night as recommended (no need to do it morning and night to achieve results) and I started noticing a slight difference in the third week. They were noticeably longer after 6 weeks. I like that I didn't even feel the slightest sting when I accidentally got some product in one of my eyes. This was enough for me know that they stand by their word when they say that they only use natural ingredients in their products. In case you have never used an eyelash conditioner, it's very easy to use since you apply it like you would with a liquid eyeliner. After desire results are achieved, you can this eyelash conditioner every two to three days to maintain the results.

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