Must-Have Beauty Products for Every Bride-to-Be

Irritated skin is hands-down the most feared beauty blunder for brides-to-be. With the onset of stress induced by nerves, planning and high-maintenance friends and family it’s almost a guarantee that our skin will throw its own mini tantrum and breakout.

With the help of Cures by Avancé, the curative and corrective line of skin care products that treat skin conditions rather than skin types, brides can put up a fight with the following 4-step routine to bring out that “glow” that we have all engagement and banish those unruly blemishes.

“Easy Does It”

Step 1: Cleanse

Be sure to cleanse your skin using a gentle formula such as Cures Gentle Cleansing Milk ($11 - $27). This creamy cleanser allows skin to breathe more freely as makeup and impurities are dissolved from the surface. The skin feels clean and comfortable with a balanced moisture level.

“Put A Mask On It”

Step 2: Condition

A good clay mask, used once a week, is great for oily, acne-prone skin. Try Cures Anti-Acne Mask ($32), a cooling, refreshing mask formulated with Camphor Extracts to purify skin. This mask temporarily relieves sinus pressure and puffiness around the eyes. After 10 minutes, decongested skin will be revealed.

My Thoughts:
For the past couple of months, I had been experiencing breakouts. Therefore, I've been very, very careful on what I use on my face. This is one of the products that have been helping out tremendously. I like that it doesn't sting or make my face red after using it, which I have experienced with some facial masks in the past. It's very light and has a whipped, creamy texture. It is also very easy to wash off. I'll admit that I'm not too keen on the smell, because it reminds me of Vick's VapoRub. However, it's a really good mask to use if you can get past the eye-watering smell, which only lasts for about a couple of minutes.

“Balancing Act”

Step 3: Moisturize

For combination skin, try Cures Pore Balancing Moisturizer ($37.50). This featherweight crème not only purifies and releases impurities trapped in the skin, but also equalizes the pH level to balance skin.

“Seeing Is Believing”

Step 4: Focus on the Eyes

Help erase the signs of aging, wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes with Cures Age Defyer Eye ($50). This eye crème promotes collagen production around the sensitive eye area and leaves the skin softer, smoother and less lined.

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