Introducin​g Patyka Organic Beauty

Patyka Beauty Trotters travel the world and in particular Central Europe. In Paris, they joined together for PATYKA the fruit of their research and their meetings.

These years of research made possible to discover hundreds of rare plants and jealously kept or forgotten formulas. These natural ointments and vegetable decoctions with family, botanical or apothecaries origins, these rare perfumes, constitute the eclectic and single heritage and inspiration of PATYKA.

A selection of the most invaluable formulas is permanently worked over again, adapted and optimized with a single aim: to reveal the beauty of each woman thanks to a right balance between pleasure, innovation and effectiveness.

From the alliance of French know-how and an aesthetic, qualitative and responsible step was born the Beauté Remarquable™, a unique and self-confident (free of inhibition) experience.

The Beauté Remarquable™ devotes the desire for giving pleasure today for tomorrow, for feeling beautiful and for taking care of oneself while affirming its own ethical and environmental sensitivity.

Absolis Face & Body Serum $70

Absolis Spearmint Body Wash $45

Biokaliftin Radiant Eye Contour $85

Absolis Tea Tree Combination Skin Face Creme $55

Biokaliftin Radiant Exfoliating Mask $90

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