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Inspired by Hollywood's casually cool h.wood Tea Room, h.wood.beauty is an eclectic line of cosmetics. Like the aromatic teas brewed from nature's finest organic tea leaves, h.wood.beauty uses only the purest of ingredients combined with healing essential oils. A holistic tea-inspired beauty line. Only in L.A., and now h.wood.beauty brings chic boulevard gorgeousness to the everyday woman.

Besides her lips, Angelina Jolie made the matte nude look highly-coveted in the beauty world. Using a matte lipstick can be a bit tricky. However, nude mattes are a bit trickier since they can look overly dry. Thankfully, h.wood.beauty has a line of Nude Matte Lipsticks with Moisture.

The Nude Lipstick in Topanga ($20) can be layered, worn alone, worn with their European beach-inspired lip liners, or with your favorite lip gloss for a more beautiful and sexier look. I love how well this color compliments my skin tone. It is a beautiful and intense shade of deep mauve nude. The flavor is also yummy - yes flavor (a hint of warm vanilla caramel)! Plus, it is well moisturizing, glides on smoothly, and dries to a beautiful matte finish without over-drying or flaking.

You can also buy the Nude Lipstick in Malibu (deep rosy nude), Zuma (mauve nude), Newport (rosy nude), Laguna (light nude), and Venice (coral nude).

Their Eye Shadows ($16) in Beverly, Melrose, and Cahuenga are highly pigmented, long-lasting, and feel soft as a Cashmere sweater! You can wear them alone or mix and match them with other eyeshadows to create a fun combination. I've already mixed the Beverly eyeshadow with my favorite bright green mineral eyeshadow and came up with beautiful results (pale green with a hint of gold)! I don't do swatch reviews, but you can trust me on this one since I am eyeshadow fan and will not steer you in the wrong direction - their eyeshadows rock! I wouldn't mind trying out their other colors such as: Fairfax, Doheny, Olympic, Robertson, Pico, Rodeo, Highland, Mulholland, and Wilshire.

Their Lip Gloss ($16) in Vegas is a beautiful shade of shimmering gold without the gaudiness. Besides being well moisturizing, it has the right amount of shine and shimmer without being sticky in the least. Great alone or paired with any h.wood.beauty lip stick. This ultra-moisturizing vanilla-caramel flavored lip gloss is also available in Cabo, Maui, and Napa.

Their Mineral Powder Foundation ($28) in Fair is normally the shade I'd use with most brands, but theirs was a bit lighter than I expected it to be. I have to use a tiny, tiny amount along with an organic liquid foundation that I use so I won't look ghostly. It includes good-for-your-skin ingredients: Green Tea Extract, Lavender, Sandalwood, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Rosemary, Sage, Cedarwood, Palmarosa to help promote healthy skin. I do like how smoothly it goes on, but I'll remember to order a shade darker next time!

I'm normally not a fan of cream blush, but their Cream Blush in Azalea ($22) is the best cream blush I've used so far! I even like it better than the Tarte Natural Beauty Cheek Stain that I normally use, which I've grown increasingly disenchanted with since the staying power is far from being strong! This weightless blush gives cheeks a sheer, velvety, and matte finish. It flawlessly blends into the skin, making it appear more natural. . Wear on the cheeks for a clean wash of sheer color, or apply to lips for a quick fix. Their Cream Blush is also available in Snapdragon and Marigold.

Their Illuminate Shimmer ($22)
gives the perfect amount of all-over shimmer without you looking like you took a walk on the wild side on the Las Vegas Strip. It's also a great way to accent, contour and highlight the eyes, cheeks and body with flawless sheen. Their Illuminate Shimmer is available in Sunshine or Moonlight - your choice!

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