Lea Journo Cosmetique High Performance Hair Care Products Review

From Brad Pitt to Orlando Bloom, Kate Bosworth to Britney Spears, the stars just can't get enough of this Parisian dynamo.

In just 3 short years, this hairstylist extraordinaire managed to conquer the toughest city and clientele in the world.

Today she not only owns Beverly Hills' hippest salon at the Beverly Wilshire on Rodeo Drive, but manages to travel the world keeping her jet-set star clientele happy.

Yet for all her chic credentials, Lea remains the warmest, funniest, least affected person in what can often be a very affected town and business.

Perhaps that's why Beverly Hills has so quickly and happily embraced Paris' latest export as their stylist of choice for beautiful, glamorous hair.

Lea's vision of beauty is now a tangible reality for her clients in and out of the salon with the launch of Lea Journo Cosmetique - a performance hair care collection created by Lea for glamorous, beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

If you suffer from dry and / or damaged hair, the Travel Size Hydra-Riche Hydrating Shampoo ($10) will truly deliver moisture that your hair is in need of. It has a slightly minty smell that I find natural and refreshing. It also gives my hair a fresh and clean feeling without stripping my hair like some shampoos have a tendency to do. When used in conjunction with their Travel Size Hydra-Riche Hydrating Conditioner ($10), your hair will look lush and healthy! You can also give your hair an extra healthy boost with their Revive French Plum Oil ($65), which is ultra conditioning and indulging.

Whenever I have the extra time, I love to use their Pouf Volumizing Spray ($28) to add more bounce and shine to my hair. My hair is somewhat thick, but some days it looks thin, depending on what product(s) I've used in my hair. I like that this product doesn't weigh my hair down like some do and gives my hair the boost that it needs! It has a light, yet pleasant scent of Tahitian Vanilla extract to UV protect and de-stress.

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