Natural Being Skin Care Review

Restore harmony and balance to your skin with a simple, certified natural skincare range. Based on New Zealand’s active Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil, Natural Being uses only the purest botanical ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals. The range has been specially developed to promote clear skin and prevent the first signs of aging. With the knowledge of nature to care for your skin, Natural Being lets you blossom everyday! Natural Being Skincare is not tested on animals and the packaging is fully recyclable.

Marsha and I both received a complete skincare collection set from Natural Being Skin Care ($76 for each). I tried out the Oily to Normal Skin Set, and she tried out the Normal to Dry Set. Each set includes day and night cream, hand & body cream, toning gel, cleanser and eye cream. We both love all of the products that we received! I just love, love, love the scent of these products. Each has a delightful, peachy smell.

These products are high quality and budget friendly. If you don't buy any of the sets, the individual products are $10 - $16! My favorites include the Cleanser, Toning Gel and Eye Cream.

Manuka Cleanser ($10) - This mild foaming gel cleanser will gently cleanse your skin without giving you a headache inducing, tight, squeaky clean feeling. It tackles impurities without stripping away natural moisture from your skin. This cleanser gives me clean, soft and radiant skin. It is one of the few best cleansers under $15!

Eye Cream ($13) - Their eye cream is so gentle, soothing and effective! Eye cream is one of my favorite skin products to use on a daily basis, and this is one of the best out there! I don't think I've tried an eye cream this affordable. It truly is a gem! I like that it doesn't burn or irritate around the eye area like some eye creams I've used in the past. You can delay the appearance of fine lines and increase skin’s elasticity around the delicate eye area.

Toning Gel ($10) - I've noticed that pores are more refined since I've been using this toner. This toner is best used after using your favorite cleanser or with it's inseparable partner, the Manuka Cleanser ($10).

Day Cream
($15) - Their lightweight and fast absorbing day cream will certainly get you throughout the day. This day cream keeps my face well moisturized without a tinge of greasiness. You can combat the first signs of aging with effective ingredients such as Active Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil, potent antioxidant Tocopherol and pure botanicals.

Night Cream ($16) - This lightweight and fast absorbing night cream will work its magic while you sleep peacefully throughout the night. It is highly moisturizing without a hint of greasiness. It has a combination of Active Manuka Honey and the unique antimicrobial properties of Manuka that will give you clear, smooth and radiant skin. This night cream works best after you've used the Toning Gel .

Hand and Body Cream
($12) - This hand & body cream has a pleasant, fresh and summery scent. The consistency is good - not too thick or thin, just right! It is a real treat if you're looking for something that is moisturizing and will not cause breakouts!

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  1. I am always on the lookout for natural products that are good for the skin, so I was excited to try this line. However, after reviewing the ingredients in the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database (, I was disappointed to discover that the components that make up the "delightful, peachy smell," or "Parfum" as Natural Being refers to it, are considered "moderate" to "high" hazards. This was particularly frustrating, because most of the ingredients score a 0 (the least risk). Then they have to go and use fragrance ingredients that score 4-7. It doesn't make any sense to use products with the hope of having healthier skin, if the ingredients used are undermining your intentions.

  2. Manuka Honey is an excellent natural healing agent.

  3. The safety and efficacy of Manuka Honey are not in dispute. I would love to hear from Natural Being about why they are including possibly toxic fragrance ingredients in their products.

  4. @Heather => On the company's website, they state that the "parfum" ingredient actually refers to fragrance derived from 'natural plant essential oils,' which is fairly common practice for quality 'natural' skin-care companies.

    The "parfum" listing in this case is not related to the one you are seeing on the Skin Deep database. That is merely a general listing referring to most conventional skincare / cosmetics companies out there that utilize a legal loophole, which allows them to hide a number of toxic ingredients under the 'perfume' or 'parfum' label.

    Hope that helps! (:

  5. Hi,
    I'd like to add that If Im not mistaken- and I dont think i am- Natural Being range is part of the major Living Nature brand and the difference is only in the price since the NB range targets the teenagers which is why they have lower prces...but if you look at the INCI you can see its almost the same...

    Btw, In Living Nature products the "Parfum" is also very high in percentage and I think its on the 4th or 5th place!! Now, I know they state it is made with essential oils but I dont see why putting the fragrance at so high, even higher than other more important ingredients of their range ?!

    Though, Im still using those products, because they costed me quite a lot, I dont think I'll re-buy them and sincerely advise you to think very very good before buying them.

    Another thing that quite disturbed me it was the fact that has no organic ingredients in it!
    So why a brand that calls itself "Natural" dont even use certified organic or at least fair-traded ingredients...

    Sorry, but even from my ethical point of view they are a true fail. They did not work on my oily and acne prone skin, they costed me a fortune and they dont even meet standard requirements of so-called natural skincare.

    I'll presonally stick back on my Pai range (too pricey but too damn worth)


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