Review: Théra Wise

The leading all-natural plant therapy ointments on the market today. Using bio-active plant extracts found in nature to heal and restore delicate tissue.

Since 2001, Théra Wise® maintains a commitment to providing the most efficacious bio-active All-Natural Therapeutic Ointments available on the market today. Théra Wise® products can best be described as clean, natural plant therapy ointments.

Their aim is to pioneer a new direction for over the counter therapeutic ointments, combining modern science with time tested “body friendly” natural bio-active plant ingredients low impact manufacturing processes, and environmental sensitivity.

I received the VpR - Bio Active Vaporizing Decongestant Rub and Ac+ - Bio Active Acne Ointment, both valued at $19.99. I'm impressed with both products so far.

VpR - Bio Active Vaporizing Decongestant Rub is THE BEST decongestant rub I've used up-to-date. I have sinus problems, especially in this type of weather and I've been relying on this product to help me breathe much better. Vicks doesn't have anything on this product!


Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, White Pine Oil, Peppermint Oil, Camphor Oil, Asian Berry Wax, Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil, White Thyme Oil, Bitter Orange Oil, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil (Containing- EFA's, Tocopherol and Phytosterols), Vitamin A, C, E, Olive Oil Emulsifiers and Waxes, Natural Plant Preservatives

I've been trying out several acne products lately, and the Ac+ - Bio Active Acne Ointment is one of my favorites. It works real well at reducing inflammation due to acne. It penetrates the pores and dries out acne effectively without drying out your skin in the process. No chemical smells here either! This ointment has a refreshing, minty smell. It is also thin enough to be worn underneath make-up.

As opposed to most chemicals treatments (dermabrasion, chemical peels, benzoyl peroxide (BP), salicylic acid and corticosteroids) that compromise the integrity of the skins natural defenses, Ac+ uses a methodology that balances the skins ecoflora and activates the macrophage cells that are responsible for the skins immunologic response. The ecoflora is a major factor in protecting the skin against the colonisation of undesirable pat hogenic bacteria.


Witch-Hazel, Tea Tree Oil, Organic Tamanu Oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Marine Algae Extract, Barley Beta Glucan Concentrate, Aloe Extract, Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil, Alpha Glucan, Vitamin A, C, E, Olive Oil Emulsifiers and Waxes, Natural Plant Preservatives

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