Carbon Neutral Beauty

“Louise Galvin is the future of hair care. She is constantly thinking of what is good for the individual and the environment.”

Tina Gaudoin, former Style Director, The Saturday Times Magazine

Celebrity colourist Louise Galvin has over 20 years' experience in the hair colouring industry. Based at her father's famous Daniel Galvin salon in London, she has coloured the hair of countless fashion and beauty icons including Sophie Dahl and Patsy Kensit. Her in depth knowledge of coloured hair has led her to create the revolutionary Louise Galvin Sacred Locks haircare line, the first Carbon Neutral Beauty company in the UK.

Louise is also passionate about the environment and is committed to creating products that mean you can achieve luscious locks guilt-free. No animals are harmed in the testing of her products and any greenhouse gasses that are produced in their manufacture are off-set by investment in The Carbon Neutral Company. The products use only natural or naturally-derived ingredients such as essential oils, natural extracts and vegetable-derived moisturising and conditioning agents in place of harmful, artificial preservatives. They are also free of sulphates, parabens, slicone, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and polymers.

As a busy working mother herself, Louise knows that time can be a luxury. Her luxury range of shampoos, conditioners and hair masques means that you too can have nourished, glossy hair on the go. 'Less is more,' says Louise. 'Maximum impact with minimum effort.'

Louise Galvin Sacred Locks is perfect for the confident, feminine woman of today - a woman who cares for her looks as well as the world around her.

The Carbon Neutral Company

Louise Galvin is committed to The Carbon Neutral Company and its CarbonNeutral™ programme which aims to neutralise (or offset) the contributions made by businesses and individuals to global warming. Louise took the unprecedented step of being the first beauty company to offset their carbon emissions and strive to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.


The elegant and understated, Renaissance-inspired motif of winding vines on the packaging suggests freedom, strength, romance and sensuality. The range is packaged in 300 ml unbreakable bottles, making them both suitable for travel and child-safe. Each bottle has a silver disc top dispenser. The treatment masque is packaged in a luxurious white 250ml pot with screw top to allow ease of use.

Mother To Be, New Mothers and Baby Too!

Mother To Be The fragrance free line for mothers to be is so gentle, it’s safe for baby too. The line was created after Louise found when she was pregnant her hair needed a little extra help to retain shine and vitality and create volume. She also found that she was far more sensitive to smells and the citrus aromatherapy oils in her other products were sometimes overpowering in the early days of her pregnancy.

People Are Talking

“There are very few haircare ranges that deliver a luxury experience. With their rich, creamy textures, non-synthetic scents and beautifully decorated bottles, Louise Galvin’s Sacred Locks is one of them. That the products make your hair look and feel great too, almost seems like a bonus.”

Anna-Marie Solowij VOGUE

“One of the most natural and environmentally friendly hair products on the market is Sacred Locks.”

Plum Sykes VOGUE

'Mane maintenance that is glamorous and pure. A way to have healthy hair and a healthy environment'

Ilse Crawford STYLE GURU

"The wonderfully natural Sacred Locks Products are like heaven for my hair"

Sophie Dahl

Give Pops Something to Smile About This Father's Day

When it comes to grooming, fathers of a certain mindset (especially those flying solo) can be clueless when it comes to the latest and greatest products and services they need to sustain their man-appeal. To be perfectly frank, some don't really care. However, many do – only they're not sure where to begin or whom to ask for guidance.

So, while their hair may grow thin (except for those pesky places where hair shouldn't grow), and their belly begins to expand, and their belt somehow migrates upwards, there's an area you can help them get under control: their smiles.

It's a known fact that teeth yellow as we age. Interestingly, many of the healthier foods and beverages, such as tea, red wine, blueberries and tomatoes (good for the prostate!), along with others less so, such as mustard and tobacco, are all culprits when it comes to staining. The bottom line is: Regardless of whether his teeth are his own, or he's had some work done (ie crowns, caps, bondings, veneers or dentures) – some degree of staining is unavoidable (even with regular brushing, flossing and professional cleanings!)

Obviously, myriad bleaching options exist with costs running the gamut. But dad's safest, fastest, easiest bet to a whiter, brighter, healthier smile is Supersmile Professional Whitening System ($36 - $75).

Invented by Dr. Irwin Smigel, celebrated Father of Aesthetic Dentistry, Supersmile Professional Whitening System is the most powerful approach to whitening available for at-home use. Formulated with innovative ingredient called CALPROX - a proprietary form of calcium peroxide - Supersmile Toothpaste dissolves the protein pellicle on teeth that attracts stains to the tooth surface and holds them captive. When combined with the carbamide peroxide in Supersmile Whitening Accelerator, whitening and brightening benefits are achieved quicker than with toothpaste alone.

And, unlike other whitening systems, Supersmile Professional Whitening System ($36 - $75) doesn't compromise the tooth surface with harsh abrasives or dehydrate the teeth, which can cause sensitivity. It's also the ONLY whitening system clinically proven to remove stains from artificial tooth surfaces, including BONDINGS, VENEERS, CAPS, CROWNS and DENTURES, in addition to professionally bleached teeth and braces.

And if you feel like toothpaste is an unusual gift to give your impossible-to-please pops, pair it with Supersmile Professional Whitening Pre-Rinse ($16) – a tingly-fresh way to jump start his whitening results, in a good-looking bottle. Whitening Pre-Rinse not only cleans teeth, but also tackles the issues, such as bacteria-causing plaque, gingivitis and bad breath, which can compromise oral health - with the added benefit of an alcohol-free formula.

Finally, throw in a Supersmile 45 Ergonomic Toothbrush ($9), with 5 tufted rows of soft, rounded nylon bristles, that assures bristles reach beneath the gum line (the sulcus) where plaque accumulates, causing decay. ADA-recommended and goof proof! Plus, the sleek, lucite handle with a flat bottom allows the toothbrush to stand upright for hygienic drying.

So the whole shebang will cost you under $100 and give dad a real reason to smile well beyond Father's Day!

Clarisonic Giveaway

One winner will receive a Clarisonic Plus Skin Care System & Spot Therapy Kit (a $225 value).

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From the creators of the Sonicare® toothbrush comes a new innovation — the Clarisonic Plus Skin Care System & Spot Therapy Kit. Sonic technology first changed the way we clean our teeth, it's now changing how we cleanse our skin. The sonic frequency moves Clarisonic's soft, gentle brush back and forth at more than 300 times per second, thoroughly clearing pores and skin surface.

Here are some of the benefits this revolutionary skincare tool delivers:

- Removes makeup six times better than traditional methods.
- Clears pores and reduces the appearance of pore size.
- Cleanses so thoroughly that skincare products absorb better.
- Creates noticeably healthier-looking skin.

The Clarisonic Spot Therapy Brush Head takes sonic cleansing beyond the face to gently cleanse and exfoliate; smooth rough, dry patches; and prepare the skin to better absorb skincare products. It is ideal for use on the décolleté, hands, arms, elbows, and feet. Enhance your results with the complementary Refining Skin Polish for the body, developed by Robb Akridge. This intensive, 3-tier refining solution exfoliates, firms, and smoothes the skin, delivering radiant, silky-soft results.

The giveaway will conclude June 6th.

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Summer Beauty Tips with Lancôme's Tarek Abbas

Summer is finally here and that means it’s time to update your look! Are you in need of a few makeup tips to kick-off the season? Lancôme National Makeup Artist Tarek Abbas is hosting one-on-one appointments at Nordstrom Chicago on 5/29 and 5/30. Space is limited so book your appointment now to get an inside look at the season’s hottest beauty tips and how to create a flawless finish for summer.

Tarek has been creating glamorous looks throughout the years and has touched the faces of the most beautiful celebrities and models including Elettra Wiedemann, Juliette Binoche, Selena Breed, Eva Longoria, Goldie Hawn and many more. He is one of Lancôme’s go-to makeup artists and has become Lancôme spokesmodel Arlenis Sosa’s favorite artist. Tarek created Arlenis’ fabulous look for the Met Ball this May.

Nordstrom Michigan Avenue on 5/29

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

55 East Grand Avenue, Chicago IL 60611

Number to book appointment:
312-464-1515 ext. 1427

10:00 am – 11:30 am – General appointments. There is a $50.00 reservation fee fully redeemable towards Lancôme products.

11:30 am – 1:30 pm – One-on-one appointments. There is a $100.00 reservation fee fully redeemable towards Lancôme products.

1:30 pm – 6:00 pm – General appointments. There is a $50.00 reservation fee fully redeemable towards Lancôme products.

Nordstrom in Oakbrook on 5/30

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

10 Oakbrook Mall, Oakbrook, IL 60521

Number to book appointment: 630-571-2121 ext. 1064

10:00 am – 12:00 pm – One-on-one appointments. There is a $100.00 reservation fee fully redeemable towards Lancôme products.
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm – General appointments. There is a $50.00 reservation fee fully redeemable towards Lancôme products.

Review: Revlon

I had the opportunity to try out several styles of Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes and Runway Collection Artificial Nails from Revlon. I normally don't mess with artificial nails since I hate long nails. They break off easily for someone as clumsy as I am. However, I fell in love with one of the styles that I received (forgot the name) that had a short length. I found these nails very easy to use. Plus, they were very natural looking. The only downside was they were a bit hard to remove. I know that's good because one won't be losing a nail in public, which is embarrassing. Otherwise, I can definitely see myself buying a kit in the future, if special occasions come up.

I'll be honest with you, I've never worn falsies before. I really like all of the styles that I received. However, I didn't have any luck at applying a few of them since I'm a newbie after all. I guess I will have to find someone who is a bit more experienced than me with falsies to learn how to apply them. ~lol~

Preview: CelluScience

9 out of 10 women get cellulite when connective fibers shrink, pulling skin inward as fat cells push outward, causing embarrassing cottage cheese dimples.

So experts at Santica Research Labs in Italy created
CelluScience with patented Vascolarys Complex to help:

• Promote healthy cell metabolism
• Deliver potent anti-oxidants
• Maintain micro-circulation inside
• For smooth, sexy skin outside

CelluScience has recently been featured in Allure magazine. This cellulite-fighting pill was created in a state of the art laboratory with scientists dedicated to the most rigorous scientific testing process. For over 10 years, millions of consumers, in dozens of countries, have trusted Santica Research Labs and its parent company to deliver high quality beauty products based on cutting-edge research on the science of beauty. I have been taking this pill for a few weeks, but I haven't noticed any slight changes yet. However, I will keep you updated once my supply has depleted.

The Swerve Giveaway

One winner will receive a triple pack of The Swerve - a great gift for Father's Day!

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Sure, you've been using a traditional razor for years. And it's a perfectly good device for shaving your face. But have you ever tried to use a traditional razor to shave the back of your neck or your upper body? If you are tired of asking your mate to help you groom your body, you need the Swerve. Take control of removing unwanted body hair. The Swerve's unique patent-pending design extends your reach and allows you to shave difficult to reach body areas in a more natural and comfortable way.

The giveaway will conclude June 5th.

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Review: Kenzo Barefeet Fantasy

Review: The Barefeet Fantasy ($30) from Kenzo is a must have product before you bare your feet with the must have sandals of the summer...the gladiators. With a light and fresh, powdery scent, the Barefeet Fantasy keeps your feet moisturized, baby soft, and will help you rock the season with the highly coveted gladiator sandals. It's enriched with cupuaçu butter that will nourish and prevent dry, rough heels. It is also enriched with shea butter to repair and soothe tired feet. This product is perfect for all year round to keep your footsies feeling well pampered.

The KenzoKi skincare collection pairs advanced research with four natural elements from Asia to create the ideal balance of performance and pleasure. Four collections, four fragrances, and four plants that delight the senses while enhancing the natural beauty of skin.

Review: Cosmoholic Cosmetics

Cosmoholic is for the cosmetics junky, the on-the-go professional, the sassy stroller mom, and the trend- setter teen. It's for the woman who wants classic colors with an edge. It's for the woman who wants to stay ahead of the pack. It's for every woman who's ever wanted a lipstick and a lip gloss to finally get together.

Cosmoholic contains a nourishing “repair kit” for your lips (crafted by a chemist; a nerdy one!) that feeds the skin, forming a barrier to keep nasty irritants out, so your lips don’t look older than the rest of your beautiful face!

Review: I had a chance to sample the Gold Digger, Rockstar Red, Bossy Berry. I absolutely love the Rockstar Red. This shade is vibrant, and is suitable for almost any skin tone. It will definitely get you noticed! My second favorite is the Bossy Berry - another bold and dramatic color. My least favorite was the Gold Digger since it is too light and doesn't really compliment my skin tone. As for lasting factor, I have noticed the colors fade quickly with one or two drinks.

Cosmoholic comes in 7 highly pigmented shades - Gold Digger, Rockstar Red, Bossy Berry, Mysterious Mocha, Passionate Peach, Prudish Pink and Promiscuous Pink.

Cosmoholic doesn’t contain fragrances, but vanilla flavors and macademia nut oil for moisturizing. It also has vitamin E (nature’s miracle vitamin), vitamin C, and antioxidants.

Hanky Panky Introduces 'Panties & Polish'

I am very excited to share with you details on the launch of a new collaboration with Hanky Panky and Essie for summer! Please see below for details on their adorable “Panties & Polish” set that just became available at Bare Necessities today.

DOCTOR BABOR Biogen Cellular

DOCTOR BABOR Biogen Cellular

BIOGEN CELLULAR delivers sensational healing results for the treatment of stressed-skin and preoperative procedures, by preparing the skin for surgery. In addition, each product possesses postoperative properties that dramatically assist with wound healing. This highly effective skincare range - formulated with the unique BIOGEN PLANT Extract Complex - achieves extremely intensive cell regeneration. This is critical for maintaining long-term results. Outstanding performance in restoring the skin to its optimal condition making BIOGEN CELLULAR a uniquely regenerative, anti-aging miracle. Tests conducted at the independent Derma Consult institute in Bonn showed that, compared with another luxury skincare product, the BIOGEN CELLULAR skincare formula proved superior results in all of the relevant categories such as skin elasticity, skin roughness and cell regeneration. These outstanding findings make BIOGEN CELLULAR unparalleled. The secret of BIOGEN CELLULAR lies within the special BIOGEN PLANT Extract Complex which contains eight precious herbal essences that complement one another and have a mutually potentiating effect. The extract is obtained in an elaborate bio-tech procedure, which has been patented by BABOR.

Ultimate Repair Cleanser SRP: $40.00 / 200 ml
A mild cleansing milk. Contains highly dosed, regenerating Biogen Plant Extract to cleanse skin intensively but gently.

Ultimate Repair Cream SRP: $150.00 / 50 ml
The anti-aging miracle cream with the unique, very highly dosed Biogen Plant Extract.. Intensively regenerates the skin, also after cosmetic surgery. Stimulates tissue renewal, leaving the skin looking smooth, even and refined. Scar tissue heals better and becomes less visible.

Ultimate Repair Gel-Cream SRP: $140.00 / 50 ml

A lighter version of Intensive Repair for oily and combination skin. With very highly dosed, regenerating Biogen Plant Extract.

Ultimate Repair Serum SRP: $200.00 / 30 ml
An active concentrate with extremely highly concentrated Biogen Plant Extract to intensively regenerate skin overnight.

Ultimate Repair Mask SRP: $50.00 / 50 ml
A rich mask with very highly dosed, regenerating Biogen Plant Extract. The occlusive effect of the mask enhances absorption of the active ingredients.

Ultimate Repair Forming Body Cream SRP: $100.00 / 200 ml

A rich body cream with an intensively firming active ingredient obtained from the bark of the mimosa tree that reduces stretch marks. Contains highly dosed, regenerating Biogen Plant Extract.

DOCTOR BABOR Derma Cellular

With DERMA CELLULAR you can reduce lines – in particular expression lines – and visibly minimize bags under the eyes and dark circles. It also lightens pigment marks and age spots. By using purely cosmetic techniques, you can achieve results comparable to those obtained through anti-wrinkle injections, Botox or laser treatments! In addition, DERMA CELLULAR maintains the results of cosmetic plastic surgery for longer.

Skin Renewal AHA Peeling SRP: $140.00 / 50 ml

A fruit acid peel containing 10% glycolic acid.

Collagen Booster Cream SRP: $150.00 / 50 ml
The alternative to anti-wrinkle injections. Restructures the skin and plumps it up intensively from the inside, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and inhibits the formation of collagen fibers. Contains hyaluronic acid complex, marine collagen and Collagen Booster Protein.

Ultimate Wrinkle Control Fluid SRP: $80.00 / 4.5 ml
The alternative to Botox injections. For topical application to fine lines and wrinkles, in particular expression lines. Contains collagen and protein complexes for an instantly firming effect.

Ultimate Perfecting Eye Cream SRP: $120.00 / 15 ml

An eye cream with Actiflow and natural moisturizers to reduce bags under the eyes and puffiness as well as dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.

Spot Reducer Serum SRP: $60.00 / 4.5 ml

For topical application to pigment marks and age spots. Daisy extract reduces melanin production and lightens pigment disorders and age spots.

Ultimate Calming Serum SRP: $100.00 / 30 ml

Contains extracts of cardiospermum, echium and sunflower to instantly calm irritated, stressed skin.

Available on, as well as in fine resort and destination spas, specialty stores offering skincare services, luxury spas, and leading day spas & salons.

Launched in April 2009.

Review: Skincando

Review: I had a chance to try out the Combat Ready Balm ($3 - $60) by Skincando, and I'm loving it! It does not only provide moisture for dry skin, but it is also good for other things: bug bites, minor cuts, abrasions, diaper rash, decreases acne inflammation, diabetic ulcers, sunburn/windburn and radiation burns from cancer treatments. The texture of this product isn't so balmy. It reminds me of a whipped body butter corny as that may sound.

Support Operation Sand Flea and donate Combat Ready Balm to the troops.

Other Combat-Ready Products:
Lip Balm ($10) and Soap Bar ($15)

Review: Eclipse Spa Sugar Scrub Red Roses

If you like the smell of roses much as I do, you will not be disappointed with this scrub! The scent is strong and lovely as receiving a bouquet of roses. Very soothing and relaxing! I love that the oil doesn't sit on the top like most scrubs I've used in the past. You don't have to worry about this scrub leaving a yucky, slippery mess in your tub. Also, the granules are the perfect size - ideal for sensitive skin like mine. This body scrub exfoliates well without taking much effort.

The Eclipse Spa Sugar Scrub Red Roses ($19.99) leaves my skin smooth, soft, polished and well moisturized. There is no need to apply any kind of lotion afterwards. Believe me, I have tried plenty of different scrubs and this is one that I highly recommend!

Don't feel like smelling like a rose? Try out their Lavender Sugar Scrub ($29.99).

Bring the Spa to You With Bobbie Thomas

Has the economy caused your relaxation and pampering to take a backseat? Beauty and style guide Bobbie Thomas gives tips on how to create a ‘spa-tacular’ sanctuary right in your home by using items that are inexpensive or commonly found at your local drugstore. From lightly scented candles to homemade foot scrub, make an appointment to indulge your senses and to pamper yourself without putting a hole in your wallet.

View Bobbie’s full segment on how to “Create a ‘Spatacular’ Sanctuary at Home” below.

Erno Laszlo Giveaway

One winner will receive a Erno Laszlo Special Set (a $90 value) from Erno Laszlo.

Post on the comment widget along with name and email address on the comment widget above instead of replying to the post (less hassle that way). All of your information will be hidden. You can enter this contest daily.

This lively blue box contains everything you will need to start glowing.

TranspHuse Lip pHixation gently plumps and softens lips while smoothing fine lines.

Multi-pHase Highlighter contains 5 luminous shades that blend together to impart soft, incandescent glow.

It also includes a travel-friendly brush for flawless application.

The giveaway will conclude May 24th.

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Review: Hollywood Glam Oil

Late nights and red eye flights can leave a girl looking anything but camera ready. That is why N Beauty designed a line of elegant oils for girls who want to live but not show it.

Review: This unique hair and skin formula ($21) will provide plenty of moisture and a luxurious shine without a hint of greasiness. It is glamourously wildcrafted with a blend of top quality organic oils - olive oil, sunflower oil and lavender oil. I mostly use this in my hair when my hair is craving for moisture, and I love how soft it makes my hair feel! It also makes it look very healthy.

Other Glamourous Products:
After Skiing Oil, After Flight Oil, After Party Oil, Hot Oil Hair Treatment, After Sunning Oil and Hollywood Youth Oil ($14 each).

10% of purchase proceeds go to various animal charities.

Baby Quasar Giveaway

Update: The winner is - please give her a BIG congrats! Didn't win? Don't fret... we have other cool future giveaways.

One winner will receive a Baby Quasar (a $449 value).

Click here for my review.

You can also win one from Wishing Penny. Her giveaway ends 5/15/09. You can earn an extra entry when you enter her giveaway. Please post in the comments that you entered hers for an extra entry.

Rules: In order to enter, you must follow Baby Quasar and
The Beauty Counter on Twitter. Come back here and post your Twitter ID on the form below:

Light therapy, or photorejuvenation as it is often called, is the latest and best answer to anti-aging and correcting the effects of sun damaged skin and age spots as well as other skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. The treatment is easy to perform, soothing and pain free, has a wide range of benefits, and no negative side effects.

The giveaway will conclude May 13th.

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Bumping up giveaway from original date (4/12/09).

Tips for a Cheap & Safe Home Pedicure

Warm weather is here and little piggies everywhere and revealing themselves for the first time in months! As women bravely strap on their gladiator sandals and opened toed heels for the first few times, they may be taking a look at their feet and saying, maybe I should have splurged for that pedicure after all!

With the economy struggling and more women forgoing their weekly manis and pedis, at-home spa treatments are quickly gaining popularity. What was once thought of as a teenage bonding experience is now a necessity for professional women everywhere who want to keep their feet looking attractive all summer long.

According to Dr. Oliver Zong, a top podiatrist based in New York City, “at-home pedicures are a great option not only for women who want to save on money, but also people who want to avoid potentially dangerous conditions at their local spa.” Dr. Zong has some simple tips to help you keep your feet looking great all summer long!

Dr. Zong’s Tips for a Healthy Home Spa Experience

- Bacteria can flourish in dark, wet places, such as a bathroom medicine cabinet. Be sure to sanitize your nail clippers by soaking them in boiling water and wiping them down with rubbing alcohol every few weeks.

- Say NO to self-surgery! Anything that hurts, such as removing deep-set ingrown toenails, will cause more damage than good. If you have a painful nail, see a doctor right away!

- Check expiration dates for beauty products like scrubs, lotions, or soaks. Open containers that sit around for a long time unused can collect bacteria and easily infect cuts in your feet – including blisters.

- Use simple Epsom salt and warm water to relieve and revive tired feet. It often has similar properties as fancy spa soaks but can cost several dollars less at a drug store.

- Give your toes time to breath. Nails are their healthiest when they are exposed to air and water. When changing nail polish colors, check nails to make sure they are not discolored – this is a classic sign of toenail fungus and can go unnoticed if nails are always painted.

About Dr. Oliver Zong

Dr. Oliver Zong is a podiatrist in Manhattan's influential Financial District. As one of the premier cosmetic foot surgeons in the country, he serves as the Director of Surgery at NYC FOOTCARE and is on the Board of Directors at Gramercy Park Surgery Center. Besides traditional and cosmetic foot surgery, Dr. Zong is also an accomplished cryosurgeon and co-founder of the Podiatric Cryosurgery Center of New York. He is an attending physician at New York Hospital Downtown, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, Cabrini Medical Center, and Gramercy Park Surgery Center. Dr. Zong graduated as Valedictorian from New York College of Podiatric Medicine where he earned his degree, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). For more information please visit Introduces COWSHED Skincare

Designer maternity label Isabella Oliver introduces luxury British skincare line COWSHED to their online boutique.

Isabella Oliver is delighted to carry the fabulous beauty range for pregnant women from Cowshed the place where they (Baukjen and Vanessa) met years ago. The range is made from wild crafted Sea Buckthorn Oil and is rich in vitamins, carotenes, minerals and fatty acids. This emollient pampers and protects the skin during this special time.

The Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous collection is 100% natural and free from any parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and artificial fragrances or colors - making it a must for expectant mothers. Ensure your skin is nourished from the first trimester with this essential collection.

Udderly Gorgeous Stretch Mark Oil $29.50

Udderly Gorgeous Stretch Mark Balm $34.50

Udderly Gorgeous Bath and Shower Gel $29.50

Udderly Gorgeous Bath Salts $39.50

Udderly Gorgeous Leg & Foot Treatment $29.50

René Furterer VOLUMEA

Always on the forefront of finding solutions to the hair and scalp concerns of women across the globe, René Furterer introduces VOLUMEA volumizing care with natural Carob extract that visibly increases hair strand volume by up to 11%. With 1 out of 2 European women reporting to have fine or very fine hair, this new 3-product line of break-through formulas offers an effective solution by providing long-lasting airy volume, softness and easier styling.

René Furterer VOLUMEA Volumizing Shampoo, $23 / 5.1 oz.

Beginning with the VOLUMEA Volumizing Shampoo, gentle cleansing is the first step in treating fine, flat hair.

Active Ingredients: Proprietary natural Carob extract, amphoteric surfactants, cationic complex

Directions for Use: Apply shampoo to wet hair, gently massage scalp to emulsify. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. A single application is sufficient. Follow with VOLUMEA conditioning spray or VOLUMEA Leave-In Volumizing Foam for maximum results.

René Furterer VOLUMEA Volumizing Conditioning Spray, $26 / 4.2 oz.

After cleansing with VOLUMEA Volumizing Shampoo, VOLUMEA Volumizing Conditioning Spray – no rinse lifts hair roots, creates body and leaves hair soft to the touch.

Active Ingredients: Proprietary natural Carob extract, charge-neutralizing cationic
active ingredients, cetrimonium chloride

Directions for Use: After shampooing, spray throughout towel-dried hair focusing on the roots. Proceed with styling. Do not rinse.

René Furterer VOLUMEA Leave-In Volumizing Foam, $23 / 6.8 oz.

For those who prefer the “foaming” routine, VOLUMEA Leave-In Volumizing Foam can be applied after the Volumizing Shampoo to create volume and structure in fine hair.

Active Ingredients:
Proprietary natural Carob, charge-neutralizing cationic active ingredients including cetrimonium chloride and a styling cationic polymer

Directions for Use:
After shampooing, distribute foam through towel-dried hair focusing on the roots. Apply with a comb for even distribution. Proceed with styling. Do not rinse.

Available in August 2009 at Sephora,, as well as fine salons and spas nationwide. Call 1-800-522-8285 to find a location nearest you.

Review and Giveaway: Epilady

Two readers will receive an epilator! One winner will receive the Epilady Duet 3 (a $89.95 value) and one winner will receive the Duet (a $74.95 value).

Post on the widget above.

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I had the opportunity to try out the new Epilady Duet 3 ($79.95) from Epilady and I love it! My legs haven't been this smooth for a long time! And, I thought that the NO!NO! ($175) was the IT product, which is a definite no!no! The Epilady Duet 3 features a dual head epilator and shaver. This was the first time I ever tried out an epilator. I didn't know what to expect. I'll admit that it was painful and that it took a little while for me to get use to since it feels like using a pair of tweezers on your legs. I can now use it without wincing as much. I like it much better than what a traditional razor would do since it gets down to the roots, which makes the results last longer - up to 4 weeks! This product can be used on the arms, bikini area, face, legs, and underarms. It also features a micro-peel exfoliator built-in to exfoliate hairs, which makes it easier when it comes to using the epilator or shaver part.

Kit Includes: Duet3, power adapter, cleaning brush, and four special accessories, packaged in a deluxe aluminum case.

Exclusive: 10% off with coupon code: TBC10

The giveaway will conclude May 23rd.

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Review: Dial AntiOxidant Body Wash with Cranberry and AntiOxidant Pearls

Review: Much as I love cranberries, I was thrilled to try out the AntiOxidant Body Wash with Cranberry and AntiOxidant Pearls. With it's sweet and tangy scent, this is the way a cranberry body wash should smell. It is well worth it for just $5 for an 18 ounce bottle. Not only it smells divine, but it is also very moisturizing and lathers well. It contains natural cranberry extracts to provide a healthy clean. It also helps reinforce your skin's defense system since environmental stress and dryness can play a number on your skin.

You can find the Dial Antioxidant Body Wash and Glycerin Bar with Cranberry and Antioxidant Pearls in grocery or drug stores now.

Click here for a printable $1 off coupon.

Review: JLO by Jennifer Lopez Sunkissed Glow

A tropical fusion of ruby red grapefruit, pineapple juice, and cassis sorbet, juicy and sweet. A kiss of beach flowers, orange flower, water lily, and passion flower, lush and sensual. A warm breeze of sheer amber, cashmere wood, and hot sand glides over skin, sexy and sultry.

Review: Since I love the original Glow so well... I knew that I had to try out the JLO by Jennifer Lopez Sunkissed Glow ($59.50). The bottle is stunning with a soft gradient palette of burnt orange, sandy yellow, and crisp mossy green. It is adorned with a wearable seashell charm bracelet.

I was halfway expecting this perfume to smell somewhat like the original, but it doesn't smell anything relatively close it. Even though I'm still a fan of the original, I love the smell of this one much better! This scent is flirtatious and is perfect for summer. This perfume makes me want to throw on my favorite swimsuit and bask in the sun at the beach.

How to Be a Star Trek Beauty

Here is the Low-Down from Star Trek's Make-Up Artist, Mindy Hall:

"The look for the Enterprise crew was '60's-inspired, futurist thinking eyeliner with a twist. This makeup is all about the eyes and the eye liner was the trend or custom in this galaxy and star date.

Star Trek Eye Liner was the focal point of the makeup design... and no two were alike. We went for individuality in all groups of our futuristic world.

Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Creme Eyeliner in Deep Black ($26) is the rock of this look and we used it on everyone. Yes, also on Zoe Saldana. This product is waterproof and smudge-proof but easy to paint with, as it is a cream, yet as it dries it "sets" to a long-wearing formula. Black mascara, MAC strip eyelashes, and beautiful brows complete this look. The tools for this eye concept would accompany me on my desert island.

Our research was focused on fashion, past and current, art and 1960's science fiction movies. Terry Baliel, Department Head of Hair, and I collaborated on the design with Michael Kaplan (the costume designer). We used models to show the our concepts and completed looks to JJ Abrams. We screen-tested every look once we had concept approval.

Books were put together for our staff with the looks that we created along with pictures and strict instructions. My team of artists for the Enterprise was headed up by Marianna Elias, as well as Rebecca Alling and Bonita DeHaven assisting in maintaining the look and answering the makeup crew's questions about the design.

It was a learning curve for the artists, as they were to be creative but had restrictions. Each member of the makeup crew for the Enterprise had a beauty makeup background and could paint! That lined eye was "no joke" and the artist needed to have the ability to adjust for each face and paint a beautifully different line that was inspired.

The design integrity was very important at all times in this film, so all makeup and hair was checked before going to set. Marianna and Rebecca would "walk the line" with me to approve and correct if needed for each cast member's makeup."

Review: Pearly Dreams

Review: I have so much trouble falling asleep at night at times. All I will do is just toss and turn without getting a wink of sleep. It is not fun at all, and it definitely isn't healthy. This is why I was eager to give the Pearly Dreams toothpaste ($19.95) a try. This toothpaste was created by a Manhattan dentist named Dr. Arthur Zuckerman. It has a combination of Melatonin and Organic Herbs to help you drift off to sleepyland. I don't always go to sleep right away, but it does help me relax tremendously. This product is pure genius! I like that the flavoring isn't strong. The flavoring also reminds me a lot of Tom's of Maine, which is a really good toothpaste brand if you haven't tried it yet!

Click here to learn more about Pearly Dreams.

Review: MuLondon

MuLondon is based in London,UK. They specialize in producing fabulous natural and organic stuff for your skin, body and home.

They make their fine products by hand from pure, natural and, where possible, certified organic ingredients. MuLondon products contain no artificial preservatives, emulsifiers or fragrances. Instead, pure natural essential oils and herbal extracts are used to divinely scent and gently preserve.

All of their products are 100% vegan and are registered by The Vegan Society. They never use any animal ingredients. Their suppliers are thoroughly vetted and have to comply with their ethical and animal protection and safety policies.

Review: Yummy smelling and highly moisturizing, the Organic White Chocolate Truffle - Face Moisturiser is ideal for parched skin. It contains Organic Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil and extracts of Cocoa and Pure Bourbon Vanilla. This beauty must have can be used as a protective day cream or highly moisturizing night cream. I love that it is smooth, creamy and non-greasy. It's VERY concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way. It can be used anywhere that needs attention - feet, hands, face, tummy, etc.

Also Available in Organic Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh, Organic Hemp or Organic Lavender

Face Authority Giveaway

5 winners will receive an Epicare (a $16.99 value) from Face Authority.

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Epicare is a threading-inspired, new tool for facial hair removal. Natural, safe and convenient, this small device with its spring action removes hair from the roots. This is a new and effective way to deal with unwanted facial hair.

$1 off discount on each Epicare purchased at Face Authority with coupon code: FASHIONFLING Exp. 9/30/09

The giveaway will conclude May 16th.

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Lancôme, Supermodels and The Met Ball

Celebrities, supermodels and fashion designers flocked to The Metropolitan Museum of Art last night for Vogue’s annual, star-studded Costume Institute gala. Hosted by Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss and Justin Timberlake, this was New York’s party of the year! There was no shortage of glamour last night and Lancôme provided the makeup for a bevy of beauties including Lancôme ambassador Anne Hathaway, Lancôme spokesmodel Daria Werbowy and Arlenis Sosa, Alek Wek, Du Juan, Michelle Alves and Vanessa Traina. We have the scoop straight from the makeup artists who created the looks for these gorgeous ladies.

Celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin did supermodel Michelle Alves’ pretty, natural makeup. He accentuated the eyes with Lancôme Color Design Eyeshadow Quad in Haute Sunset, a palette of neutral, peachy and beige shades. To create definition, he lined the eyes with Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl in Noir and added a few coats of Lancôme Ôscillation Mascara in Black. A dusting of Lancôme Blush Subtil in Miel Glace was applied to the apples of the cheek. Daniel used Color Design Lipstick in Love It and Color Fever Gloss in Rose Jolie to create a high-shine, pink pout.

Daniel also created the beautiful look for Vanessa Traina. He applied Lancôme Artliner in Noir to the lash line starting at the inner corner and blended it out, then coated the lashes with Lancôme Ôscillation Mascara in Black to add length. He added just a touch of color to her cheeks with Lancôme Color Design Blush in Chic Cassis, applied with his finger. To finish the look, Daniel used Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge in Rich Cashmere, the perfect hue for a beigey, nude lip.

Celebrity makeup artist Oslyn Holder worked with supermodel Alek Wek. First, Oslyn lined the upper lash line with Le Stylo Waterproof in Noir and blended Color Design Eyeshadow in Statuesque and Backstage Pass on the eyelid. To make Alek’s eyes pop, she applied several coats of Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara in Deep Black. Next, Oslyn added some color to the cheeks using Color Design Cream Blush in Chic Cassis. She finished the look with Color Fever Gloss in Intense to create a beautiful, deep burgundy pout.

Treat Your Mom to a Green Beauty Routine

There’s no debate that moms deserve to be pampered throughout the year but it’s always nice to do something extra special on Mother’s Day – and it’s not too late to find that perfect gift. As the proud mother of two-year old Jack Domenic, Christine Coppa, the author of Rattled!: A Memoir and the popular Storked! blog on, knows a thing or two about what moms want – pampering! Treat your mom with one of Christine’s mommy must-haves to add a little me-time to her day.

Indulgent Treats

Schedule in a sleepover party and slather on Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Night Lotion ($55). Christine loves that it’s so light and leaves your face glowing until the next morning. Perfect for those early-morning wake-up calls!

Beauty Essentials

Eye cream is not negotiable, according to Christine. She keeps Jurlique’s Purely Age-Defying Eye Cream ($45) in the fridge because it helps alleviate that puffy, up-all-hours-of-the-night with a toddler look.

Daytime Pick-Me-Up

Their Citrus Purifying Mists ($21) are so refreshing and perfect for busy moms on the go. Christine keeps a bottle in her car at all times to freshen up after an afternoon in the park of a walk with her son Jack.

Dual Gifts

Many moms would rather receive something for their child than for themselves so pamper them both with Baby’s Soothing Bubble Bath ($18). Perfect for both baby’s playtime and mommy’s downtime.

Sunday Night Splurge

To prepare for a hectic week ahead, Christine treats herself to a Moisture Replenishing Mask ($45) after exfoliating with their Daily Exfoliating Cream ($25) – a perfect accompaniment to watching Desperate Housewives!

If you really want to spoil her, surprise your mom with an assortment of Jurlique’s bestsellers to incorporate into her daily skin care routine. Their Best of Jurlique Set ($125) includes their Herbal Recovery Gel, Rosewater Balancing Mist, Daily Exfoliating Cream and Moisture Replenishing Day Cream.

Dr. Grandel Performance 3D

After age 35, the skin’s concentration of hyaluronic acids starts to decline, its firmness gradually lessens, wrinkles form, and undesirable expression lines become more pronounced. Stress also contributes to aging, giving the skin a tired, wan look.

Thanks to its innovative 3D technology and the maximum concentration of active ingredients, Performance 3D works in every way to restore the youthfulness of the skin. An effective combination of active ingredients relaxes and reduces expression lines over the short, medium, and long term. Based on innovative nano- and age-retarding technology, the various hyaluronic acids in Performance 3D instantly replenish the skin's moisture reserves and gradually release this moisture all day long. Skin becomes firmer and wrinkles are continuously plumped up from the inside. The anti-stress ingredient Cell Active VIP with its essential cell boost factor reduces the signs of stress, tones the tissue, and gives the skin a fresher, younger, and more vital look.

The unique combination of high-tech active ingredients in Performance 3D offers a genuine alternative to anti-wrinkle injections.

Dr. Grandel Performance 3D Eye $91

With its “depot” hyaluronic acid and myrrh extract, this modern eyecare product declares war on the signs of aging and fatigue. It minimizes lines and wrinkles caused by stress, moisture loss, and facial expressions, and significantly reduces dark circles and swelling under the eyes. Light-refracting pigments enhance the complexion’s natural radiance and leave the skin around the eyes relaxed, smooth, and rejuvenated.

Dr. Grandel Performance 3D Face $137

This 24-hour cream is the ideal remedy for pronounced expression lines and wrinkles, stressed and fatigued skin, and the wrinkles and lines resulting from moisture loss. In addition to Cell Active VIP, its active ingredients include plumping myrrh extract, toning “microlift,” smoothing Skin Relax peptides, and three different hyaluronic acids that supply moisture to the skin.
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