Review: Tilvee Botanical Rejuvenating Oil

Meet Kristie McNamara: Kristie, Tilvee founder, received her degree in Botany and Organic Chemistry in 1997 from Michigan State University. She worked in a local natural market during and after college which linked her education and fascination with plants, their uses in the formulation of and niche for natural and organic skin care. She began formulating and opened the skin care company Body Botanicals in 2000 which has been sold nationwide. In the past few years, Kristie's extensive research into the benefits of antioxidants in skin care planted a seed. She began formulating new products that were in line with this vision which became Tilvee eco-ethical skin care company. With Tilvee she has created a socially and environmentally responsible company that offers luxurious, safe, innovative organic products. Kristie is also passionate about green business practices, consumer education and being involved in the community of eco conscious individuals and businesses.

Tilvee Botanical Rejuvenating Oil is a product that can be treated on scars, dry patches and burns. It can also can be used an anti-aging treatment since this product has ingredients that provide EFA’s to support cell regeneration, elasticity and tissue repair while decreasing visible signs of aging.
It contains 92% organic ingredients. Therefore, this product is not only safe to use, but it also provides good nourishment for the skin.

I decided to give the Tilvee Botanical Rejuvenating Oil ($24.99) a try since I have a few minor scars here and there. I use this oil and massage twice a day, and I've noticed that since I've been product that my scars aren't as noticeable. It may be a bit pricey, but it is well worth it, especially if you're looking for a great scar treatment for minor scars without shelling thousands of dollars on laser scar removal.
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