Review: Revlon

I had the opportunity to try out several styles of Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes and Runway Collection Artificial Nails from Revlon. I normally don't mess with artificial nails since I hate long nails. They break off easily for someone as clumsy as I am. However, I fell in love with one of the styles that I received (forgot the name) that had a short length. I found these nails very easy to use. Plus, they were very natural looking. The only downside was they were a bit hard to remove. I know that's good because one won't be losing a nail in public, which is embarrassing. Otherwise, I can definitely see myself buying a kit in the future, if special occasions come up.

I'll be honest with you, I've never worn falsies before. I really like all of the styles that I received. However, I didn't have any luck at applying a few of them since I'm a newbie after all. I guess I will have to find someone who is a bit more experienced than me with falsies to learn how to apply them. ~lol~
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