Review: Gold Canyon

About LaTasha Usin: Like most of us, there's nothing more important to her than the time she spends with her family – watching a movie with her mother, enjoying holiday dinners with extended family members, or everyone sharing popcorn during the latest animated DVD release. When she close her eyes and think back on all these memories, she can vividly remember the scent of the recently cut lawn, the soft glow of the candlelight in the dining room, the calm feeling as everyone watches the plot unfold.

For her, that's the essence of living well™! Gold Canyon enhances these moments through its line of great fragrances, scented candles, decorative accessories and more!

Review: I had the opportunity to try out the Clean Sheets tealight candle ($6.98). I've used scents in the past that never lived up to their name or description. However, this candle smells exactly like clean sheets. This serene-like candle has notes of fragrant blossoms and herbs that will make the ambiance of the room welcoming and relaxed. I'd love to try out their scents in the future after hearing so much good about Gold Canyon and finally having a chance to sample their line.

Their tealights come in a set of 9. They also have other noteworthy scents:

Cinnamon Vanilla, Apple Spice, Cinnamon, Spruce & Citrus, Lilac, Fresh Orange, Pomegranate, Mulled Cider, Sugar Cookie, Fruit Fusion, Cucumber Melon, Birthday Cake,
Cozy Cabin, Key Lime Pie, Ginger Lime, Autumn Walk, Sweet Pea, Apple Orchard Pear'adise, Coconut Lime Verbena, Quiet Moments, Pineapple Coast, Cobbler on the Porch, Relaxing and Cranberry Orange.
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