Help Your Hair Beat Summer Heat

The summer sun and humidity is probably your hair’s worst enemy, turning it dry, frizzy, brittle and even altering the color. Owner and renowned Italian hairstylist, Riccardo Maggiore of Riccardo Maggiore Salon in New York City, shares a few tips and tricks to keep your hair looking fabulous in the summer heat!

Get a good haircut:
Split ends or porous hair can cause further damage due to its quick absorption of the sun’s rays, chlorine and salt water. For that reason, prior to the summer months, get your hair into excellent shape with a thorough haircut or trim. If hair is in very bad condition, you should consider a shock, reconditioning or hydrating treatment.

Adjust your hair care regimen: Use sun specific products with a UV protectant, like Riccardo Maggiore Gel-Vitale Moisturizing Styling Gel, which contains sunscreen agents to protect hair from damaging UV rays.

Pull hair into a half-knot:
To avoid total exposure to the sun, pull hair into a half-knot. Create this look by twirling your hair in a spiral-type movement, tuck ends under and secure with a banana clip or chopsticks. It’s super-easy to create, looks chic and stylish, all while avoiding complete contact to the sun!

Maintain your hair color:
Use products specifically for color-treated hair. These products will reveal shiny, vibrant colored hair by gently removing dulling residue and unifying the surface of the hair fiber.

Don’t let frizzies prevail! Ward them off by putting tons of moisture in your hair. Use moisturizing shampoos, deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners – anything that will maximize moisture.

Riccardo Maggiore Salon is an upscale, full-service salon in New York City dedicated to beauty for your lifestyle. Owned and operated by renowned Italian hairstylist, Riccardo Maggiore, the salon provides an extensive array of services, including stylish, precise cuts, comprehensive color treatments, Brazilian Keratin treatments, makeup application, skin care, nail care, waxing and much more. The salon also carries an exclusive line of Riccardo Maggiore hair care products that contain special botanical extracts that help to protect, volumize, condition, and tame even the most unmanageable hair. This 5,000-square foot oasis of beauty is designed to offer a modern, relaxing environment to its clientele, equipped with a European coffee bar for complimentary cappuccino, coffee or tea.
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