Review: April Rain Skin Science

April Zangl is the fresh face and founder of April Rain Skin Science. Working closely with Night Rainew’s guiding dermatologist and scientific formulators, April has created and launched Night Rainew, the most luxurious anti-aging night cream on the market. April’s professional experience as a health and wellness expert and her enthusiasm to help others live a healthy life inspired her to create the April Rain Skin Science line. Just as April sought to understand how a certain exercise would condition her body, she wanted to know how skin care ingredients affected skin. It is April’s belief in promoting beauty both inside and out that has driven April through her life and in business. Over time she became a skin ingredient expert and progressively wondered why companies didn’t create healthier, more advanced, multifaceted products to make life easier, results faster and more apparent. This led April to create the April Rain Skin Science collection with HydroPeptide, the only line that positively drenches your skin with fresh science.

If your skin is thirsty, the Night Rainew with HydroPeptide ultra-hydrating, age-defying, night repair creme will provide more, long-lasting moisture while you sleep with 21 hydrating elements that keep skin healthy and younger looking. Night Rainew nourishes starving skin with HydroPeptide, found exclusively in April Rain Skin Science products, an age-defying breakthrough that lifts away fine lines and wrinkles, and 100% organic, antioxidant-enriched Buddleja and Echinacea extracts which promotes stronger more age-resistant skin.

The Night Rainew ($129) is dermatologist tested, allergy tested. non-irritating, paraben and phthalate free. It's for all skin types and not tested on animals.

April Rain Skin Science launched this luxury night cream early this year. This cream is formulated for night use; appropriate for day use. Of course, I had to try it. I did exactly like the directions said. Every night, after cleansing and toning my face, I smoothed the Night Rainew over my entire face and neck with upward massaging motions, being careful to avoid the eyelids and lips. I think it promotes healthier and youthful looking skin. It reduces fine lines and facial wrinkles by giving a smoothing effect. One can skip the expensive and painful injections and treat yourself to April Rain Skin Science today! After using Night Rainew, I highly recommend it to anyone. Once you use it, you'll want to keep using it.
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