Vamp It Up Like Kristen Stewart

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Kristen Stewart had Hollywood in her blood from an early age. With her father working for Fox Television and her mother a scriptwriter, Kristen couldn't help but jump into the Hollywood limelight. At the age of 8, Kristen started her career in a school Christmas show, where an agent discovered her and immediately had her in a Disney Channel TV production, the Thirteenth Year. After roles in several independent films and smaller projects, Kristen eventually took roles in more well known movies like Panic Room, Cold Creek Manor, In the Land of Women and into the Wild. Kristen's most exciting role, by far, has been her role as Bella Swan in the 2008 blockbuster, Twilight. Mysterious and beautiful, Kristen's perfect portrayal of Bella Swan has America- and Edward Cullen- in love with her. Known for her easy going attitude and preference for classic style, Kristen's simple, chic look has us totally loving her look.

Intense and mysterious, Kristen's eyes are not only totally sexy, but not so hard at all! Try applying eye make-up this way to get Kristen's simple look:

- Start by applying Bed Head Big Fat Fun Eyeliner ($16) in Black to the very edge of the eye lid. Apply more heavily as you move away from the nose, and smudge the eyeliner up into the crease.
- Use Bed Head 4-Play in Matte Love ($27) for a color scheme similar to the one that Kristen uses. Apply the second lightest color, the lightest brown, all over the eyelid for a neutral base. Then, apply the darker brown color along the crease and at the outside of the eye. Use the copper color very lightly for a bit of highlighting on the inner eye.

- Finish Kristen's look by applying Bed Head Eyes Love It Mascara ($14) to lashes, thicker at the outside corners of the eyes.

For Kristen's hair and loose, natural curls, try these tips:

- After cleansing and conditioning, apply Blow Wave Maker Light Twisting Lotion ($21). Work from roots to ends.
- Blow dry hair with the Solano Top Power Blow Dryer ($144) using either a round brush or your fingers to twist and twirl your hair as you dry, while working your fingers at the roots to get the kind of natural volume Kristen has. For straighter hair, try using a large curling iron to get those toppling waves.
- Finish your style using Phytolaque Hairspray ($18) to hold your style while allowing for flexibility and movement.

For a natural lip color like Kristen's, try this:

- Apply Bed Head Big Fat Fun Lip Liner ($16) in a neutral shade, like Decaf, lightly along the edge of your lips to carefully define them.
- Give yourself all over shine and moisture with Rosebud Salve ($6). Apply over your lips and smudge to help blend with the lip liner.

Kristen's porcelain face doesn't take a lot of fuss. Try these tips for skin makeup like hers:

- Apply Bed Head Dream Foundation ($30) in the appropriate color for your skin all over the face. Be careful to blend at your chin and along the hairline.
- For a dust of pink along the cheeks, use an extremely pale pink like Bed Head Player Blush in Shyness ($17). Apply blush to brush, blow off excess dust and brush lightly across the cheek bone. Repeat as needed for darker color.
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