How to Get a Pixi Glow This Winter

Nothing takes away a beautiful and dewy complexion more than the cooler seasons since our skin is more susceptible to dryness. The cooler seasons can also cause quite a stir with other skin ailments like itchiness, dry, patchy skin; breakouts, and irritation. Pixi Skintreats has a wide range of products that are formulated with ingredients that will revive and reset the skin. It is an affordable luxury at its finest!

A facial oil like the Rose Oil Blend ($24) is the perfect candidate for dry skin when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy glow. The Rose Oil Blend has a botanical blend that is infused with a powerful complex of youth-preserving oils to help improve skin's texture and elasticity. It wields the power of a facial cream, yet has the capability to penetrate deeper into the skin since it's lightweight.

I usually prefer not to use night creams because of the possible breakouts that can occur, but the Beauty Sleep Cream ($24) is perfect for sensitive like mine! This remarkable fast-absorbing, nutrient-rich nighttime essential helps to protect, nourish, and hydrate skin while you sleep. It's made with 100% natural mango butter, oils of lavender, lemon and bergamot and other ingredients that are nourishing for the skin!

A facial mist like the Glow Mist ($15) is perfect for any season! It can be used as a toner or makeup primer, but I primarily use it as a mid-day refresher. 13 natural oils as well as propolis, aloe vera, and fruit extracts aid in giving my skin warm, healthy glow. In addition, it gives my skin the hydration that it craves for without making it shiny in the process. It always makes my face feel refreshed in-between cleansing and moisturizing!

The Glowtion Day Dew ($22) is a refreshingly lightweight and quick-absorbent moisturizer that soothes while blurring imperfections and giving a lit-from-within glow. It is also ideal for my unpredictable and sensitive skin. The key ingredients are lavender oil, kaolin, and mica that are beneficial in giving dull skin a boost while imparting a natural-looking radiance.

Lastly, I received the 24k Eye Elixir ($22). I experience puffiness underneath my right eye every now and then since that's the side I mostly sleep on, thus an eye elixir like the 24k Eye Elixir is a must-have. While, sadly, it doesn't help puffiness pull a Houdini, it does help minimize the appearance! It's made with age-defying ingredients to refresh eyes and battle the signs of fatigue. Collagen helps to repair the delicate eye area, peptides plump fine lines, and raspberry tones skin. The cooling rollerball applicator soothes and encourages circulation around the eye.

About Pixi Beauty

Pixi was started in a small London boutique 12 years ago by Swedish makeup artist Petra Strand. Her main mission was to simplify beauty for busy working moms like herself. Creating problem-solving, multi-tasking, flaw-fixing, and youth-enhancing products for women with little time to spare is her passion. Passionate about skincare, Petra creates innovative formulations that are infused with botanicals and beneficial ingredients so that skin is treated while you wear it. You can find Pixi Beauty online and at Target.

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Ditch the Itch This Winter

Old Man Winter has arrived! 'Tis the season when our skin becomes dry, itchy, wind-burnt, irritated, and almost unmanageable. My sensitive skin has always been unpredictable, but it is seemingly worse during the cooler seasons. That's why I strive at keeping Old Man Winter in his place by switching out skin care for products that will help keep my skin looking its best.

While I don't have eczema, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted when Aveeno sent me their Aveeno Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm ($16.99) and Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm ($17.99) out of the blue!

The Aveeno Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm and Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm may be intended for baby's skin, but they have been giving my skin the relief that it needs during this time when my skin is usually is at its worst. They're specially formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Oat, which soothes dry, itchy skin without leaving a greasy feeling behind. They also help strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and prevent recurrence of dry, itchy skin from skin ailments like eczema. Additionally, they're paraben-free, steroid-free, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic. Aveeno couldn't have picked a better time to send me these products!

Aveeno also sent me a few more surprises that included the personalized Restoration Hardware Luxe Bamboo Bed Throw ($99) that no one else can claim as well as a Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Petite Nursery Star Stroller Blanket ($39) and an Indica Design Gemma Dream Catcher ($40), which is hanging beautifully in my bedroom.

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Thank you to the AVEENO® team for sponsoring this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

TOCCA x Anthropologie

Named after the Italian word for touch, fashion and fragrance house TOCCA’s exquisite scents evoke Old World romance and familiar places infused with the unexpected, fresh and new. Feminine through and through, their perfumes, scrubs, and lotions are captured in charming vials and vessels that pretty up your dressing table along with your mystique.

TOCCA’s Hair Fragrance Collection is the perfect reason to stop spritzing your locks with standard drying perfume! This Anthropologie exclusive consists of five hair fragrances that boast their signature fragrances. Each fragrance is crafted with a delicate blend of moisturizing oils that will not dry out your tresses in the process. Instead, these moisturizing oils provide a veil of fragrance and subtle shine. The hair-friendly formulas bring a touch of luxury to any daily hair ritual!

Scents like the Florence is a floral blend that will conjure the sophistication of old-world Paris. It’s the perfect balance of easy elegance and timeless sophistication. This floral blend is harmoniously composed of top notes of Italian bergamot and crushed violet petals. Additional notes include grapefruit leaves, green pear, apple, ivory gardenia, jasmine, tuberose, blue iris, blonde wood, and white musk. The scent is refreshingly light and delightfully intoxicating at the same moment. I love how it lingers on throughout the day without pulling a Houdini. Additionally, the bottle is as just as beautiful as the fragrance! Each fragrance comes housed in an elegant glass bottle that’s adorned with TOCCA’s signature hand-finished golden cap.

TOCCA x Anthropologie Scents

Florence: an alluring combination of bergamot, crushed violet petals, and blond wood

Cleopatra: rich amber patchouli blends royally with vanilla musk and hints of tuberose and grapefruit

Colette: a lush mix of bergamot, citrus, juniper and pink peppercorn mingle with florals, musk, and woods

Liliana: neroli, gardenia and faint peach

Stella: a flirtatious combination of sheer musk, white freesia, blood orange and spicy lily

TOCCA x Anthropologie Hair Fragrance Collection sells for $36 each exclusively at and stores nationwide.

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Gorgeously Green Skincare at Derma E

One of the most important things to do at my age is taking good care of my skin in order to look and feel good about my age. I don’t have any qualms about my age, but do want to age gracefully. When I think of aging gracefully, I think of people such as Salma Hayek, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Aniston, and Molly Sims, to name a few.

Some of the surefire ways to obtain this is to work out regularly or at least stay active, even it’s just going for long, brisk walks; drink plenty of water, avoid unhealthy beverages much as you can (it’s taxing on the skin), get enough sleep, and healthy eating. It’s been said and said for years, but it truly helps!

Another good way to ensure the quality of your skin is to adhere to a strict skincare regimen. One of all my all-time favorite skincare brands is Derma E. This luxuriously affordable skincare line is wondrously crafted with the finest organic ingredients! That's why I was thrilled when Derma E's very own National Educator, Jaime Cane; curated a special box specifically for me!

Jaime's Top Picks + Pro Tips

Makeup Remover

Pro Tip: To remove long-wear makeup more easily, hold the pad over the eye area for 15-30 seconds before wiping away! Derma E's Makeup Remover can also be used as a pre-cleanse, full face make-up remover prior to washing your face with your facial cleanser.

Microdermabrasion Scrub

Pro Tip: For sensitive skin, mix in a pump of cleanser to help buffer the strength of the professional level exfoliant. For dryer skin, apply a beauty oil first to nourish the skin. Their Microdermabrasion Scrub can also be used on rough knees, elbows, ankles, and feet to help smooth skin.

My Thoughts: The Microdermabrasion Scrub has always been one of my all-time favorite Derma E products! It's a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to quickly improve the appearance of the skin. It’s practically a facial in a jar, but at the fraction of the price! It’s truly the best facial scrub I have ever used.

This scrub has a thick, white, and grainy texture that’s reminiscent of toothpaste. The granules are sand-like and not abrasive at all with sensitive skin like mine. The light citrus scent is pleasant and uplifting. It has an exclusive crystal blend that includes Dead Sea Salt and Volcanic Sand, which is deeply rich in Silica, to buff away dull surface cells, help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, and absorb excess skin oils. It’s made with natural astringents (Lime and Lemon Peel). It also boasts antioxidants, such as Grapeseed and Vitamin E, to help redefine the skin. This results in touchable, soft, smooth, and younger looking skin!

Overnight Peel

Pro Tip: This is the perfect makeup prep the night before a special event or glam makeup application; use the Overnight Peel for dewy, radiant, and naturally glowing skin.

Purifying Gel Cleanser

Pro Tip: The Purifying Gel Cleanser is the perfect cleanser to use with a cleansing tool like a Clairsonic or oscillating brush. This cleanser is also a great post-workout cleanser, especially since it helps remove the bacteria, toxins, and impurities you've just sweat out The tube make it easy to throw in a gym bag

Firming DMAE Eye Lift

Pro Tip: To help reduce puffiness, apply Firming DMAE Eye Lift in one direction by moving form the inner corner to the outer corner on both the upper and lower eyelids.

My Thoughts: An eye cream, such as Firming DMAE Eye Lift, is always part of my skin care arsenal. This eye creme has been proven to reduce wrinkle volume, area and depth. It also firms, tones, deeply hydrates, and diminishes the appearance of crow’s feet. I can’t comment on the effectiveness of its anti-aging properties since I’m not experiencing that yet, but I can attest that I have been looking well-rested lately!

Purifying Youth Serum

Pro Tip: This silky, emollient serum makes a great primer for liquid or powder foundations.

Your Healthy Skin Tips Checklist

☑ Exfoliate! Your skin will absorb and perform better.
☑ Drink lots of water. Dry skin can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.
☑ Love your greens! Get healthy skin from the inside out.
☑ Get 7-8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to breakouts, puffiness, and premature signs of aging.

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The Healing Power of the Past: Chuda Skincare

Chuda Skincare is inspired by the centuries old Remedea Compound. Its origins date back to Princess Medea of Colchis. She was known for crafting medicinal healing elixirs made from potent botanicals and herbs. This medicinal remedy was also used in Russia and Georgia (country) to heal the skin.

Inspired by Medea, the Turmanidze family of Georgia continued the practice of natural healing in the 1800s by creating a powerful medicinal compound that rapidly healed wounded skin. They utilized natural ingredients that grew atop of the majestic Caucasus Mountains. The compound's ingredients are publicly noted, yet the exact concentration and method of formulation is guarded family secret that has been passed from generation to generation.

The compound is potent as ever and lies within the heart of the Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream ($150). Granted exclusive permission by the Turmanidze family to utilize the compound, Dr. Elena Ocher teamed up with a world-renowned chemist to create Chuda: the first-ever skincare to combine the time-honored Remedea Compound with the most scientifically advanced, medical grade actives.

Studies in a clinical study has shown a significant reduction in transepidermal water loss between 1-4 hours after application. Additionally, the Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream provided a significant protection from environmental aggressors.

The Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream is ideal for various skin woes: dry, damaged, and compromised, or skin that's experiencing loss of radiance, blistering, abrasions, windburn, sunburn, flaking, chapping, or tenderness from non-invasive cosmetic procedures like chemical peels and microdermabrasion. I'll admit that I do get apprehensive at times about using skincare products that I've never used before, considering how unpredictable my skin can be. There are some days that it's dry, while other days it is out of control: oily and acne prone. Then there are the days that my skin is seemingly perfect, with a blemish not in sight.

The Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream is perfect for sensitive like mine! It's formulated to restore skin to its healthiest state — smooth, soft, supple, hydrated and radiant. It's recommended to apply the Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream morning and night for the best results. It truly has given my skin the balance that it has been needing, plus it has made my face feel so soft that it feels like my skin has reversed 10 years in softness. I also love using it as an eye cream, because it smooths and tones the look of the eye area.

The Actives

- Cross Linked Sodium Hylauronate: Attracts and binds up to 5,000 times its weight in water - five times greater than traditional hyluronic acid

- Dromecius Oil: Delivers a high concentration of essential fatty acids without the typical irritation of plant-based sources

- Palmitoyl Tripeptide: Penetrates the skin more effectively and stimulates a more rapid rebuild of collagen

- Vitamins: Stabilized forms of vitamins B, C, and D provide maximum antioxidant protection and promote skin repair and renewal

- Allantoin: Supports wounds healing by stimulating the growth of healthy new tissue

About Dr. Elena Ocher

Born in Georgia and raised in Russia, Dr. Elena Ocher originally had her sights set on a career as a concert pianist. Her diagnosis of tendinitis charted a new course for her. On the recommendation of her father, at the young age of 16, she applied to medical school and was accepted to the prestigious Pavlov First St. Petersburg Medical Academy. There, she spent six years training as a general surgeon, which included medical service in the Russian Navy. She later furthered her training to include neurosurgery.

In 2001, she founded Dr. Elena Ocher Medical, a private practice specializing in pain management, migraines and nerve system disorders. She has received numerous honors throughout her career and is affiliated with several esteemed medical societies. Dr. Ocher's medical acumen has helped thousands of patients successfully find relief.

She believes that the skin offers insight into a patient's total health, which is usually the first sign of a more serious medical condition. Diagnosing and treating a number of skin issues in her practice, she repeatedly relies on one specific treatment to heal the skin while treating the underlying condition: the Remedea Compound. She has used the Remedea Compound to heal cuts and soothe abrasions. She even relied on it during her time as a medic in the Russian Navy, using it as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory to heal burns and severe lacerations of wounded soldiers.

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