Introducing Rahua at SpaceNK US

SpaceNK US is pleased to introduce to you the Rahua range. 100% natural and organic haircare enriched with restorative Rahua oil from deep in the Amazon rainforest. This transformative collection leaves hair shiny, vibrant and bouncy.

Voluminous Shampoo $32

This 100% natural, organic shampoo cleanses to create body and bounce minus the drying effects found in other volumizing lines and is safe for color-treated hair. Ungurahua oil strengthens hair, while the infusion of lemongrass, green tea and citric juices lend their volumizing effects.

Finishing Treatment $45

Repairs even the most damaged strands from first use - prevents hair from splitting during styling, blow-drying, hot ironing and combing. Silicone-free, it strengthens and allows hair to grow longer while providing a glossy, weightless finish.

Voluminous Conditioner $34

This 100% natural, organic conditioner protects while creating body and bounce minus the drying effects found in other volumizing lines and is safe for color-treated hair. Ungurahua oil strengthens hair, while the infusion of lemongrass, green tea and citric juices lend their volumizing effects.

Shampoo $32

Cleanses to create healthy, lustrous, bouncy hair and is ideal for color-treated hair. Rich with organic and 100% natural ingredients. Rahua oil fortifies weak, damaged strands while nourishing and regenerating the scalp and hair follicles – allowing for hair to grow longer and stronger.

Omega 9 Hair Mask $58

Rahua's Omega 9 conditioning treatment injects roots with life and shine, promoting scalp health and preserving color vibrancy. Unlike other oils that coat hair strands, Ungurahua Oil - rich in omega-9, consists of tiny molecules that penetrate into the core of each strand to heal and fortify, infusing thirsty hair with moisture. Benefit from the potency of a salon intensive-treatment in the convenience of your own home.

Conditioner $34

Protects to create manageable, soft hair without any build-up and is ideal for color-treated hair. Rich with organic and 100% natural ingredients, allows hair to grow longer and stronger.

Marula Oil: The Next Big Thing for Better Skin

BeautySage would like to introduce you to their newest hot product: Marula Oil ($78), the East African skincare miracle. This golden oil will transform your skin texture overnight, leaving it velvety smooth and gorgeously supple. Marula Oil visibly reduces the look of existing wrinkles and keeps your skin feeling fresh and younger than ever!

An age-old East African beauty secret, this does-it-all oil comes from the fruit of the Marula tree and is legendary for its anti-aging powers. Thanks to its record levels of antioxidants (yes, it has even more than argan oil), Marula Oil helps protect skin against environmental stressors and free radicals that can lead to wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. It also helps treat existing wrinkles with tocopherol (vitamin E), tochotrienol, phenolic compounds and flavinoids. Plus, loads of fatty acids help the oil absorb deeply and rapidly to boost hydration and moisture retention—yet it always leaves skin looking beautifully matte, never greasy. Other benefits include: controlling oil, warding off bacteria that cause breakouts, calming irritation, reducing redness and diminishing the appearance of scars. Use it alone as an anti-aging moisturizer, add it to other products to boost their benefits, smooth it over over-exposed skin for soothing and healing effects, or use it as a makeup primer to create an even, hydrated canvas.

Beauty Must-Haves to Beat the Heat and Look Cool at Coachella

With Coachella only weeks away, make sure to stock up on these beauty essentials to look your best and stay cool at this year’s music festival.

Cucumber Juice Elixir $26

CUCUMBER JUICE ELXIR is a refreshing and soothing tonic that is the ultimate finishing touch to any cleansing ritual. Formulated with potent living nutrients, this elixir tonic helps to clear away residue from cleansing, tighten the pores, hydrate and nourish the skin. PURE CUCUMBER JUICE is used to soothe and calm the skin and is also known for its mild astringent properties. Combined with the healing and hydrating benefits of ORGANIC ALOE VERA JUICE and sprouted mineral greens of KALE, DANDELION, OAT AND BARLEY GRASS JUICES this toner replenishes the skin. Cucumber Juice Elixir also provides cooling and soothing relief from sun exposure.

Jurlique Purely Sun-Defying Moisturizer with SPF 15 Sunscreen $58

A lightweight, high performance moisturizing cream with potent anti-aging ingredients to help protect the skin and address the visible signs of premature aging. The non-whitening formula provides SPF 15 protection from UVB rays and a physical screen for UVA rays.

derma e Evenly Radiant BB Creme SPF 25 $39.50

Instantly turn back the clock. derma e Evenly Radiant BB Creme SPF 25 is a multi-functional mineral beauty balm with a myriad of effects. It uses an Intensive Skin Brightening Complex featuring Active Plant Stem Cells that brightens and evens skin tone, boosting your glow. It also uses the peptide Matrixyl® to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restore firmness and elasticity.

Jurlique Citrus Purifying Mist $31

Citrus Purifying Mist is infused with the living energy of witch hazel and marshmallow, combined with essential oils of tangerine and lemon to enliven and purify. Leaves the skin hydrated and refreshed. Ideal for rebalancing oiliness.

Mandarin Lip Gloss $8

MANDARIN LIP GLOSS is an herbal infused lip treatment that is formulated with nourishing oils and provides a natural gloss shine. The Body Deli doesn't use synthetic lacquers. This lip gloss is flavored with juicy Mandarin Essential Oil. Getting your daily dose of fruits has never felt so good! This all natural herbal lip gloss is made with the finest oils and blended with wild harvested beeswax. Castor Bean Oil delivers high gloss shine with out using petroleum based sybthetic lacquers to create super juicy luscious lips that will be oh so kissable. Their lightly sweetened lip glosses are sweetened with Raw Agave Nectar.

Solar Day Cream $42

SOLAR DAY CREAM naturally protects your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and the environment. This unique moisturizer is formulated with MICRONIZED ZINC a natural mineral sunscreen. Full spectrum antioxidants such as VITAMIN C, COQ10, TOCOTRIENOLS and PUMPKIN SEED OIL work to protect against free radical damage. Naturally defend your skin and enjoy receiving the health benefits of solar energy.

Spring Clean Your Hair: Expert Tips

Spring is here. As all of us focus on de-winterizing ourselves from head to toe, Tina Lewis, national style expert with Hair Club, has pulled together expert tips for “spring cleaning” your hair after the harsh winter months – reconditioning, feeding it the necessary nutrients and vitamins, styling tips, etc.

1. Help restore healthy hair with your diet: One of the healthiest fish you can eat, salmon is loaded with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for overall scalp health. Vegetables like spinach and broccoli help to produce sebum, an oily substance secreted by glands attached to the hair follicle. Sebum conditions and moisturizes hair, helping to prevent it from drying out.

2. Get a trim: Getting a monthly trim immediately improves the look and condition of hair. New ends are also less subject to static and frizz. Also try to avoid salon treatments like bleaches and dyes if your hair is especially dry after the winter months.

3. Recondition, recondition, recondition! Winter air outside is drier due to colder conditions as well as inside due to heating in buildings. To restore some of the moisture lost during the winter months, it is all about deep conditioning. Using conditioners with a lower molecular weight will allow for moisture to be delivered deeper into the hair, and won’t weigh hair down.

4. Take a multivitamin: An easy way to keep hair healthy from the inside out, selecting a multivitamin that contains these four essentials is vital for healthier, stronger hair.

o Biotin: The most important supplement you can take, Biotin is vital for hair growth and strengthening both hair and nails.

o Vitamin B: Helps to enhance fullness and the way hair looks by promoting blood circulation to the scalp, preventing premature grays and hair loss, and stimulating growth.

o Vitamin C: Influences how hair maintains its color and the right level of moisture.

o Vitamin D: Working hand in hand with calcium, Vitamin D helps to grow hair and protect it from drying and breaking.

Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics

This Vitamin C Active Moisture Serum ($68) uses a potent mix of antioxidants to naturally brighten and replenish skin for a more radiant, even-toned complexion. An ultra-concentrated combination of vitamins A, C, D, & E and antioxidants from organic green tea oil and super critical sea buckthorn oil help protect against free radicals that can cause photo damage and skin discoloration. Rich in the rare fatty acid Omega 7 and Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, this serum helps to restore moisture levels and helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A powerful blend of vitamins A, D & E and active antioxidants, this luxurious, intensely hydrating Vitamin E Active Moisture Eye Balm ($48) melts into skin to restore radiance to the delicate eye area. Organic fennel, a natural anti-inflammatory, helps to reduce puffiness. Pomegranate, eyebright and ginseng naturally lift and plump while providing continuous hydration throughout the day.

Wake Up Well Rested and Looking Better Than Ever! and Prevention Magazine have teamed up to bring you five deluxe product samples ($10 and Free Shipping) proven to help you sleep prettier. Hand selected by Siobhan O’Connor, Executive Editor, Prevention, and author of the healthy beauty guide, No More Dirty Looks: The Truth about Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics, these premier products have also been endorsed by the team of scientific experts as highly effective and 100 percent good for you.

Beauty sleep is no myth. This restorative rest time is when our body does its best work to repair our skin and hair, and shore up our energy reserves. Help maximize the body and mind benefits of a good night’s sleep with these beauty box goodies.

Kit Includes:

· Lotus Wei Quiet Mind Mist: A flower essence spray to help you relax and unwind.

· Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call: An overnight face treatment to plump and smooth skin.

· Shea Terra Around-Eye Beauty Serum: An antioxidant rich oil to hydrate tired eyes.

· Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask: A split end and frizz eliminating miracle.

· Nieves The Balm: A nightstand standby for chapped lips, elbows, cuticles and more.

This limited edition beauty collection also comes with additional gifts — a promotional code for a free one year subscription to Prevention, the country’s leading healthy lifestyle authority, plus a 10% discount code to purchase any full sized product from

The Dangerous Truth Behind Beauty Industry Regulation​s

Pure Ingredients Advocate & Brain Tumor Survivor, Indie Lee Empowers Consumer to Be Their Own Watchdogs

Many of us look at food labels every day, but how many of us look at labels when shopping for personal care products?

On Earth Day 2009, Indie Lee was given a new life — she awoke from brain surgery to discover that a potentially fatal tumor had been successfully removed. Having learned that environmental toxins may have been the culprit, Indie left her corporate suits and lifestyle behind to re-dedicate her life to educating consumers on the hidden dangers of chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products. She took it upon herself to provide a healthy, non-toxic alternative. From this notion, Indie Lee & Co. was born.

Recently diagnosed with another brain tumor, Indie, a mother of two, continues to devote her life to providing women and men with access to luxurious, all-natural alternatives to the artificial, chemically-laden products on the market today. With a mission to meet the growing demands of health-conscious consumers who long for toxin-free and effective skincare products, Indie encourages consumers to become knowledgeable on ingredient toxicity and follows the mantra, “Chances are if you cannot pronounce it, it is not good for you.”

Beauty Made Simple with beautyADDI​CTS

beautyADDI​CTS is a boutique collection of makeup. Their professional team of artists have created four color families comprised of the most desired shares; each precisely selected for endless creativity tailored for every women's lifestyle. All of their makeup is formulated with a mix of the best minerals, botanicals, vitamins and advanced scientific anti-aging technology. They recently launched their newest color family PLAY last month! PLAY is their fun, creative and liberated color collection. It's radiant shades of blue, green, pink, and coral.

Connect with beautyADDI​CTS

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Frenchie, a playful and girly, pure matte rosy pink, is from the PLAY collection. It boasts ingredients such as Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and natural peptides to moisturize, firm, and plumping your lips sans the tingly experience that you'll find in most lip plumpers. It also has a subtle vanilla scent, which I love! I don't wear lipstick often, but when I do, I usually go for a chic, girly pink, such as Frenchie since it looks great with just about any eye makeup. The downside: as for most lipsticks, in my case, the color fades in no time.

Their Face2Face Foundation ($45) provides an ample amount of coverage without looking cakey. Instead, it is lightweight and blends seamlessly with a natural finish. I'm very fair-skinned, so I opted for #2. However, I wish I had opted for a shade darker since #2 makes me look ghostly at times, especially if I don't apply blush afterwards. That's the only downside for me. The best part of this foundation is that it is richly formulated with Vitamins A and E and Green Tea to help soothe and protect the skin. Dermaxyl hydrates and smoothes. Advanced Microsphere Technology helps diminish the appearance of imperfections and fine lines, giving you a vibrant, youthful appearance.

Out of all of the products that I tried from beautyADDI​CTS, the SHOWOFF Mascara ($20) truly goes for the WOW factor, and to think I almost didn't select this for the review since I was particularly fond of Tarte's Lights, Camera, Flashes! Statement Mascara, even though it was a trying experience to remove by the end of the day - crazy, right? Unlike Tarte's mascara, this mascara does it all - it lengthens, adds volume, and gives instant curl to the lashes. It also doesn't flake, smudge, or hardens the lashes. Plus, it is easy to remove! To top it off, it is formulated with Argan Oil to condition and protect the lashes.

Green eyeshadow, particularly mint green, is one of my go-to colors for the spring and summer. The color is sophisticated, yet youthful and mysterious. I'll admit that I'm uber picky since not all green eyeshadows are alike. However, I'm really enjoying the Crème de Mint ($15.50). The color is gorgeous and long-lasting, featuring a light sea green with gold undertones. Add cat eyes with brown or black liquid eyeliner to amp up your look and go for the meow factor!

Disclosure: The product(s) in this review was provided to the reviewer for keeps and the purpose of writing a review. This in no way affects the quality of the review provided. No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of the review. The views expressed in this review are strictly that of the reviewer. All reviews provided here are the work of the reviewer and remain completely unbiased.

Oscar de la Renta Something Blue

Introducing Something Blue ($85 - $115), a fragrance to cherish forever. Inspired by life’s most magical moments, this romantic fragrance opens with a sparkling burst of mandarin and linden blossom and warms to an irresistibly sultry finish with notes of bourbon vanilla and white musk. A removable ring engraved with the designer’s signature logo is a symbol of Mr. de la Renta’s abiding devotion to his beloved clientele.

Eco-Friend​ly Essentials to Refresh Your Beauty Routine

With Earth Day right around the corner, get inspired to refresh your beauty routine with eco-friendly essentials from Tammy Fender and Soap & Paper Factory. Feel great about going green this spring with The Essential C Tonic from Tammy Fender and Hand Creams from Soap & Paper Factory.

Tammy Fender Essential C Tonic ($55) purifies cools and invigorates the complexion with an anti-oxidant rich blend of green tea and citrus extracts of bergamot, orange peel and lemon balm; revitalizes chi; restores the pH balance of the skin; and acts as a natural toner and detoxifier, making it ideal for oily skin conditions and acne. You will feel spiritually refreshed and energized for spring!

Soap & Paper Factory’s velvety hand cream is beautifully perfumed and loaded with the finest oils available in nature. Carefully selected, these oils will sooth and protect, leaving your skin silky smooth and bursting with vitality. These hand creams are free of paraben, phthalate, and petroleum and are never tested on animals. The Geranium & Shea Hand Cream ($18) is perfect for spring!
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