From Healthy Hair to a Healthy You!

Has your hair been holding you back in your quest to get to a healthier you? A recent study found that close to two of every five African-American women say they avoid exercise because of concerns about their hair.

Celebrity hairstylist and Motions Global Ambassador Ursula Stephen answers your questions to help you start 2013 right and make regular exercise just another fabulous part of your life!

Q: How do I protect my hair and style during my workout?

A: For short hair, I recommend applying a moisturizing product such as Motions Hydrate My Curls Pudding ($6) prior to working out and then wrapping a cotton scarf around the head, leaving the top exposed. The cotton will help to soak up the sweat and the pudding will keep your hair refreshed and moisturized so it doesn’t frizz out. Be sure to wait until hair has dried before removing the scarf. Not only will the scarf keep your hair moisturized but it will keep you warm during any winter workout!

Q: What if my hair is long?

A: For long hair, I recommend wrapping the hair with a silk scarf immediately after working out. You can shower, get dressed and then remove the scarf and comb out. You can also try pin-curling medium sized sections of your hair and covering it with a silk scarf during a workout. Once finished, comb out and style.

Q: Are wigs suitable for working out?

A: Definitely! Just get one that mimics your own natural hairstyle and wear it on days that you exercise. Wigs can really help to keep hair moisturized and conditioned too! Wigs are also a great way to spare your hair from the damages of heat styling which is typically amped up during the winter months. Make 2013 the year that you give your hair a break!

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