Headbanger​s: The Best Bang for Your Face Shape from Celebrity Hairstylis​t

Any woman knows that an easy, interesting way to change up a look is to get stylish, flattering bangs. And celebrities are no exception. With more and more stars taking the plunge and making the chop, women everywhere are taking notice, and the bang is back and bigger than ever. But how to know which bang is best for you? Here, celebrity hairstylist, makeup artist and owner of Gocha Salon, Gocha Hawkins, shares her tips to get the best bang for your buck – and your face.


Oval faced women are lucky; most styles work with the shape, and this is one case where bangs are no exception. “With oval-shaped women, it all depends on the hair’s texture. If hair is thicker, a fringe look that grazes the eyebrows is best. However, if your hair is thinner, you can easily alter the style to face framing bangs that are long enough to be brushed to the side,” says Gocha. “When communicating the look to your stylist, note that you want a versatile bang that you can wear straight or swept aside.”


Heart shaped faces are versatile for most styles, but bangs are a different story. Because this face shape is wider at the top, an angled bang can offer a balancing effect. “For ladies with heart shaped faces, I recommend the side swept bang. It is unlike the round face style in that it should be shorter and draw attention to the eye,” Gocha suggests. “Ask your hairstylist for layered, short side swept bangs. For a specific direction, the shorter section shouldn’t go lower than the arch of your eyebrow, and the longest portion should be at the side of the face, at the outer corner of your eye.”


Round faces are often dissuaded from getting bangs, as they can tend to make the face appear fuller. However, a longer bang can be especially flattering, as Gocha points out: “Side swept bangs are the perfect style for a strong, round shape.Instruct your hairstylist to keep the bang longer and layered so that the appearance is soft, counteracting the wider area of the face.” Looking to try something a bit more fashion forward? “The always trendy blunt bang is also a great look for a woman with a round face. Ask your hairstylist to give your bangs a curved shape, and to make sure that they are thick and bring impact.”


With square shaped faces, it’s important to be careful when crafting your bang. A blunt shape can look excessively boxy, and the goal here is to create facial curves. “What looks best on square faces is a longer, thicker bang that grazes the eye. The bang should be shortest in the middle and longest on the sides,fading into the face framing strands of your hair,” says Gocha. “When speaking to your stylist, let them know that you’d like a heavy bang that is feathery in the middle and thickest on the sides. The last thing you want is for your bangs to take away from your eyes or overwhelm your delicate features.”
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