2012 MET BALL Hairstyle How-To: Alexa Chung

On Monday, May 7th at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Alexa Chung explored her vintage tastes in a 1960’s-inspired Marc Jacobs paneled leather dress complemented by a shorter Brigitte Bardot-esque hairstyle crafted by Sebastian Professional stylist Diego Da Silva. When creating the hair look, Da Silva was “inspired by the 1960’s feel of dress and wanted to revisit a shorter haired, rock and roll Brigitte Bardot version of modern times.”

To achieve Alexa’s vintage ‘do, follow Diego’s tips:

1. Wash hair with Sebastian Professional Light Shampoo ($13.50) and Conditioner ($16.60) for lightweight conditioning and enhanced softness.

2. Apply Sebastian Professional Texturizer ($9.45) to the roots of damp hair for added lift and use a round brush to blow-dry.

3. With a fine tooth comb, backcomb the roots and then use a brush to soften the appearance.

4. Loosely pull the hair back into a half ponytail leaving the face-framing fringe flowing in front, and secure with bobby pins.

5. Spritz Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper ($8.75) for lasting hold.
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