Grammy Awards: Beauty Trends by Celebrity Hairstylis​t & Makeup Artist

It’s no surprise that for the biggest night in music,the industry’s top talent stepped out in some of the loveliest looks we’ve seen this awards season. Leading the pack in hair trends were everything from relaxed, carefree styles to severe, polished tresses, and the makeup that paired with each style worked to enhance the overall look. Here, owner of Gocha Salon, celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Gocha Hawkins, who has worked with such musical talents as Christina Milian, Timberland, and Lil Wayne, weighs in on her favorite looks of the night, and provides insight as to how to get these styles at home.

Relaxed Waves

Performers Nicki Minaj and Rihanna both went with this decidedly low-maintenance choice for hair. The stars also kept their makeup low key, but flattering. As Gocha explains, “I really enjoyed this look on Reese Witherspoon at the SAG Awards, and was refreshed to see stars like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj choose this style. This look is one that doesn’t require any upkeep, so the performers were able to relax and enjoy the show without worrying about their hair throughout the night. Rihanna and Nicki also went with minimal makeup, letting their natural beauty shine and allowing their ensembles to speak for themselves. Rihanna’s smoky eye was just the right touch of sultriness.”

· The easiest way to get the look is to use a three-barrel curling iron, otherwise referred to as a “waving iron.” Keep in mind: the bigger the barrel, the looser the curl.

· Separate hair into sections, and begin curling. Use a heat protectant, spraying as you go. Start at the roots and clamp down with the iron, holding only for a few seconds. Move down that same section of hair and repeat. Once you have achieved your desired look, finish with a holding spray.

· For a smoky eye, create a palate of neutrals that work with your skin tone. From the lash line up, begin blending to the eyebrow line. Use eye kohl and smudge for the ultimate in bad girl chic.

Polished Chignon

A style as classic Hollywood as it gets, the polished chignon was also a winner last night. Stars like Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton wore variations of the look and hit on different notes with their fashion choices. “For two women who are so wildly different, I thought it was interesting that Lady Gaga toned down her normal bravado and went with a hairstyle that was more Paris Hilton than Bride of Frankenstein. Paris Hilton’s pulled back look was a bun-chignon, while Lady Gaga’s two-toned structure was reminiscent of the classic style,” says Gocha. “Both women chose to highlight different features in terms of makeup, with Paris focusing on a heavily lined eye and neutral face, and Lady Gaga going for a bold red lip.”

· Leaving out a portion for the swoop-away bang,use a de-frizz polish for control as you pull hair into a ponytail.

· Wrap remaining hair into the chignon shape and secure with hair pins. Spray with hairspray so that the style stays in place.Remove pieces of hair for a loose look, curling to create face-framing waves.

· With this old-time favorite, nothing is more glamorous than a red lip.

Top Heavy

The ponytail is still going strong as one of the tried-and-true styles for celebrities on the red carpet. With stars like Fergie and Katy Perry wearing drastically different versions, Gocha highlights how to achieve both looks. “Ponytails can be intimidating to stars on the red carpet as it puts the spotlight on the face. It was great to see celebrities such as Katy Perry and Fergie working this trend that is so easy to achieve at home. Both women highlighted their best assets in terms of makeup, with Katy matching her blue ‘do and Fergie wearing a defined eye, bringing the focus to one of her best features.”

· To get Fergie’s sleek ponytail, pull hair off face with hair pomade, which provides control and shine. Create a pony tail at the top of your head, and for extra length, add extensions. Add pieces to hair and wrap around the elastic, securing with bobby pins.

· For Katy’s volumized look, leave the hair at the crown out of the equation when creating the ponytail. Curl with a large barrel and tease for volume. To smooth the look, apply frizz polish or wax. Secure with hair pin.

· Since this look draws all the attention to the face, make sure to play up your best feature. A heavily lined eye with big lashes gives great impact, pulling the look together.
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