How to Achieve Award-Winn​ing Hollywood Hair

With the Golden Globes behind us, the appetites of every fashion and beauty conscious girl are hungry for more. As on any awards night,there were many different hair styles, ranging from up to down, messy to neat,embellished to simple. Here, Hair Experts the Pirri Brothers, Piero and Luigi Pirri of Pirri Hair Group highlight the biggest trends in celebrity hair this awards season, and give some quick tips on to how to achieve these sought-after looks.

Headbands: Bling for Your Hair

If you’re one of those girls who sees headbands as acute, fun trend, but can’t seem to figure out how to wear it without looking like a girl scout, you’re not alone. But with stars like Busy Philips and Michelle Williams popularizing them, it’s time to learn. “A lot of women shy away from the headband because if it’s not done correctly, it can have the effect of downplaying sophistication,” says Piero. “The trick with a headband is to find one that is intricate and delicate. If you want to go for a formal look, you need something with a substantial wow-factor, like sparkle or texture. Also, it needs to best strategically placed. Position it so that it enhances your hair style.”

Carefree Waves

The women of Hollywood proved this awards season that you can still let your hair down on the red carpet. From Reese Witherspoon to Jessica Biel, this style was definitely one worth noting. “I was very invigorated to see celebrities embracing their natural hair texture, and letting their own waves prevail for the photographers,” says Luigi. “The best way to achieve this natural look is to get a great curl spray. Once you’ve applied, and don’t overdo it, scrunch your hair in your hands and let it dry naturally. If you’re wearing this look a day later,it can look even better if you just apply some dry shampoo and don’t begin the process all over again.”

Polished Ponies

The pretty pony is back; say stars like Nicole Richie and Sarah Michelle Gellar. When done right, there is nothing more endearing than a well-placed ponytail. “The trick with the pony tail is to achieve the right height. When going formal, I prefer to add some volume to the look. First,spray all hair with a thickening spray, which will make it more malleable. If your hair is very straight in texture, you may also want to use a curling iron to make the ponytail more elegant. Tease the hair on the crown of your head for extra volume, and secure with a hair elastic evenly between the crown of your head and the base of your neck. Presto: The perfect, formal ponytail,” says Piero.

Your Good Side

The messy side bun is always a staple at awards shows, and it seems so easy to achieve. However, once you’re in front of the mirror, a decidedly messy style can be the most difficult to master. Charlize Theron worked this look, as well as Kate Winslet. As Luigi explains, “Beginning the messy bun is similar to the beachy, down style. You’re going for the same overall texture, so apply a thickener to create a wavy, just-got-out-of-bed look. Tie your hair into a low side bun, disregarding neatness: remember, this is a messy style! To create that perfect face frame of hair, pull out a few strands,seemingly haphazardly. Resist the urge to tuck behind the ears and let your hair flow freely. This style is all about making it look like you did nothing in order to pull it off.”
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