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ElanVeda has proprietary formulas for a number of conditions. Their herbal formulas are the finest available, and certified Wild Crafted. Their essential oils are blends of the finest organic.

ElanVeda gives great attention to providing the highest quality elements for their formulations. For example, all essential oil formulas from ElanVeda are packaged exclusively in ultra-dark violet Miron glass bottles, which are imported from Switzerland. This is to ensure the continued purity of these oils over extended periods of time and use.

I had been using the Phytophanere Dietary Supplements for Hair & Nails for a little over a year, but I had more success with a 30 day supply of ElanVeda’s Healthy Hair ($24.99). I noticed a slight difference in my hair within a week, because it was shinier and felt much stronger. I managed to grow over an inch after a month. I found this quite impressive, because it took me a few months to do that with my other supplements. The natural ingredients in the Healthy Hair supplements include Amalaki, Brahmi, Vishnukranthi, Jatamansi, and Bringraj-Certified Organic . Not only they're ideal for the hair, but they will benefit your body in other ways as well. My supply has depleted, but I really haven't had any any breakage ever since and my hair is stronger and thicker than ever.

I also had the opportunity to try out the Elan Sinus Relief ($28.99), which is an Ayurvedic blend of essential oils (Rosemary Verbenone, Jojoba Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Lemon Grass, Inula Graveolens, and Camphor) that will naturally relive sinus congestion and pressure. Simply apply a few drops under the nose outside the nasal passages and inhale. A few drops may also be massaged over the sinus area. For severe congestion, pour several drops into boiling water and inhale the steam.

I've always had problems with my sinuses, especially in the winter. Even a head cold can set me back a few weeks. I've tried just about everything to relieve my sinuses, including the highly recommended Neti Pot, which seemingly made my sinus pressure and congestion worse. The only things that helped out in the past were Hot & Sour Soup and plenty of rest. Thankfully, I'm discovering more and more natural products such as the Elan Sinus Relief , which are ideal for sinus problems. While this product doesn't fully relieve me of my sinus problems, I've found it to be extremely helpful. It's a bit pricey for such a small bottle, but it's well worth it if you're a sinus sufferer like I am.

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