A Model's Beauty Basics Your Skin and Wallet Will LOVE!

Well one of America's Next Top Model All-Stars, Bianca Golden, shares her favorite beauty basics/must-haves every woman can take advantage of to achieve glowing skin that wows everyone without spending all of your hard earned cash. Below are 5 Beauty Basics Bianca swears by and why she loves them.

1) Cetaphil Moisturizer - "Works the best and is super affordable too."
2) Cetaphil Facial Wash - "Simply amazing!"
3) Lip Balm - "Chapped lips make you unkissable."
4) Oil of Olay Makeup Wipes - "They take everything off. A definite must-have for after photoshoots that works great for everyday use too."
5) Water - "Does a girls skin right inside and out!"
  1. Good tips. She is beautiful but a little scary.


  2. I always hear about cetaphil...

    I hope you've been well...
    Want to let you know that Beauty and a Budget has moved to imgalaxia.blogspot.com
    I loved getting to know you and hope you'll visit and follow my new blog.


  3. excellent tips, i would really like to appreciate my friends to read these tips and try to buy a Lip balm for......

  4. Thanks for the information, and great tips. I'll be sure to come back here.


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