Hairstyles Throughout the Ages - Celeb​rity Edition

Celebrities are walking examples of the hottest trends, styles and hairdos. In every age group, you find celebrities that set the standard for the perfect age appropriate look. They have you thinking: If only I had my own personal dream team, helping me create my latest look. How do you translate these looks and make them suit you? It’s not about imitation — but inspiration.The Pirri Brothers have created a celebrity-inspired guide to age appropriate hair dos and don’ts.

Experimental 20s


Some of the hottest celebrities in this age group, including Emma Stone and Blake Lively, share one trend — changing dos. This is the perfect age to experiment with colors, cuts and styles.


Be mindful of colors and cuts that fit the image you would like to portray for your career search/current career. Make sure your look fits you and can be styled fit your daily routine.

Flirty 30s


Whether you are a mom, single or recently married — you should still sport a youthful do. Opt for something sexy like long layered waves. Kim experimented with colors in her 20s — but now she is back to basic black. By now, you know what color suites you best. So, experiment with your cut. And, create fun and easy hairstyles like Kim’s recent bun for a youthful yet sophisticated look. Moms should aim for styles that will be easy to maintain and style.


You don’t have the hair you had in your 20s. Don’t over experiment with hair color shades.

Fun 40s


Signs of aging are knocking at your door. Don’t let newly-found wrinkles bring you down — refresh your look. Hair tricks can hide your problem areas. Layers and side bangs give you a fresh new look, covering any aging around the neck or signs of wrinkles on the forehead. Opt for hairstyles with movement for a youthful look like Jennifer Aniston. Be sure to condition your hair on a regular basis.


Don’t sport your mom’s old do. 40 is the new 30.

Fab 50s+ Do:

Once you hit 50, it’s all about looking natural. You don’t necessarily have to go short like Kris Jenner or Helen Mirren, but a short do at this age can leave you with healthier looking hair. Create a soft look with layers similar to Helen. Try layers under your hair for body, whether short or long. If you plan to have longer locks, try shoulder-length.


Don’t go too dark with your hair color. Going too dark will age your face. Also,don’t over style — keep it simple and classy.

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  1. Excellent tips. I like what you said about not experimenting with hair color in my 30s. So bad for me!