The Grown-Up Girl's Guide to Braids

Ditch your usual go-to hairstyle and opt for a must-try trendy braid! A favorite among celebrities including Lauren Conrad and Jessica Alba, braids are the perfect hairstyle that can be worn for any occasion. Put a twist on the classic braid with these easy DIY styles from Paul Cucinello, Beauty Expert and Creative Director of the Chris Chase Salon in Chelsea:

The LC Braid

How to Get the Look: Smooth Oribe Crème for Style throughout dry or damp hair. Then, make a deep side-part and use the thicker side to create a French braid along your hairline. Tie the end, stick behind your ear and you’re ready to head out cute and carefree like Cali girl Lauren Conrad!

The Boho Braid

How to Get the Look: Work some Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray through dry hair to create fullness. Make a braid and secure with an elastic. Tug around the front and sides of your head to get the braid loose. Let any shorter pieces hang out to achieve Diane Kruger’s boho chic look.

The Elegant Braid

How to Get the Look: Start by French braiding along your hairline (on both sides to get the look from every angle). Gently tug at the top of your head to create texture and flow. Loosely tie or pin hair up in back. Use a working spray like Oribe Superfine Hair Spray to get the hold you need and the shine you want. This is an easy way to get a chic up do like Nicole Richie!

The Simple and Sweet Braid

How to Get the Look: To get Kate Hudson’s simple, straight-back braid, first use a lightweight thickening cream such as Living Proof Full before blow-drying. Tease your crown enough to get that extra lift and bump. Loosely tie your hair in a ponytail before braiding. This will help to keep the height of your bump. Braid your pony and secure the end with another elastic. To complete the look, use Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray to keep your pouf from falling.

The Mermaid Braid

How to Get the Look: For this look you should begin by choosing a hair product that works best for your hair type. If you have thick hair, a smoothing product like ECRU New York Silk Nectar Serum will work well. Otherwise, if your hair is thin and fine try working a volumizing product such as ECRU New York Volumizing Silk Mist through the bottom half of your hair. Make a part wherever you like and gather all of your hair over to one side. Hold the hair firmly to simply make a secure braid starting at the nape of your neck and tie the end. To complete the look and show off your braid make sure it rests over your shoulder just like Amanda Seyfried.

The Braided Headband

How to Get the Look: Now you can make your own headband…with your hair! Grab small sections of hair at the base of your part and braid them tightly. Tie the ends with a small elastic and stick them behind your ear. You can do one braid on each side of your part or give this look a twist with more than one like the woman in the picture above. When you’re finished, complete the look with a soft spray such as ECRU New York Sunlight Holding Spray!
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