eSalon was inspired by the idea that beautiful, quality hair color can be accessible without the uncertainties of retail dyes and the excessive expense of salons. The company's unique vision is the result of the strategic merging of experienced colorists and Internet veterans. They have a collaboration of art and technology that creates a much-needed balance between high style and do-it-yourself convenience.

When considering the many factors involved in formulating haircolor (i.e., natural hair color, level of gray hair, previously dyed color, hair texture and condition, desired color, etc.), there are literally hundreds of thousands of formulating possibilities. Standard at-home hair color products offer only 30 or 40 color options. They also include generic directions that can not fully address each person's individual needs. Alternatively, eSalon can address all the possibilities with custom hair color formulas while providing Personalized Instructions customized for each individual client.

The patent-pending technology eSalon has developed enables individual customization in hair coloring on a large scale. Their bottles are not pre-stocked. Every order is custom blended, bottled and packaged, then sent to the client as soon as it's completed. They have optimized their process in such a way that we can fulfill and deliver product to their clients quickly after they've ordered it.

The innovative eSalon concept opens up an exciting new alternative for beauty consumers-one that gives them straightforward, hands-on access to high end beauty and glamour at an affordable price.
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