The Perfect Summer Accessory to Go With Your Bikini-Ready Body - Long, Lush, LashDipped Lashes

LashDip, the revolutionary, semi-permanent mascara is the ideal summer beauty accessory. Hot off the runway, flawless, long, luscious lashes are this summer’s hottest trend. Full, sexy lashes create the perfect frame to enhance your eyes and accent a sexy bronze glow.

Proclaimed the 2011 beauty breakthrough by The Today Show, LashDip adds volume, increases length, provides lift, curl and separation that won't smudge or wash off for up to six weeks. Vogue Magazine calls LashDip “The Lashes Of A Lifetime.” LashDip is the answer for anyone who wants a beautiful, fresh, glamorous look without the daily hassle of fighting with your mascara. Whether relaxing on the beach, playing in the pool or out and about anywhere under the hot sun and humidity, lashes treated with LashDip will stay fresh for the summer without smudging, smearing, running or wearing off. Created for even the most sensitive eyes, LashDip
is sweat-proof as well as water and heat resistant.

Having the LashDip application is not only a care-free effortless experience, but LashDip treated lashes are often healthier and stronger. Called "Lash Armor" by the pros, LashDip gently protects lashes while promoting lash growth. Expert lash technicians suggest that this may be due to the fact that LashDip avoids the daily wear and tear of applying extra coats of mascara and rubbing to remove it at the end of the day. With LashDip, there’s no need to use a metal curler - which can be harsh on lashes and cause them to fall out or break.

From natural to ultra long and glamorous, the LashDip treatment can create the customized appearance every woman craves on natural lashes or with lash extensions. It can also be used with lash enhancing treatments including the prescription drug Latisse® from Allergan.

Priced at around $200 per treatment, LashDip can only be applied by a certified LashDip professional in a spa, salon or physician’s office. The treatment takes just under an hour has staying power of up to six weeks.

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